emergencies can ruin your planned finances n.
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Emergencies can ruin your planned finances! PowerPoint Presentation
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Emergencies can ruin your planned finances!

Emergencies can ruin your planned finances!

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Emergencies can ruin your planned finances!

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  1. Emergencies can ruin your planned finances!

  2. Plan Your Life How about getting your morning tea at 12:00 hours and your lunch at late evening? This routine would be considered as terrible. So, to avoid such incongruity, everything in life should be planned. It is important that we know where we are investing, what you will do and where you go; so design your life in such a way to avoid any confusion or uncertainty.

  3. Money Management When it comes to finances one need to be extra careful in handling money. An account of all; the daily expenses, extra expenses and any scheduled expenses are always necessary. However, how best you plan to keep your finances intact, it’s difficult to entirely secure it. Emergency or external factors may ruin or challenge your plans. A big emergency in form of natural calamity to secondary factors like shares downfall or loss of job etc. can leave you standalone.

  4. Cont… • To our rescue there are many funds in form of loan but what if you already own one? and are unable to bear its brunt. Would you take another loan to fulfill the requirement? Not a smart move, the move should be to smartly handle the situation and go for a loan modification.

  5. Conclusion • “Avoid the pitfalls of "post-repo" car shopping by keeping the car you have and protecting your good name.” What would be the best option? The best option will be to go for auto loan modification to make your payments low and rescue from this hassle.

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