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Toyota does it again: ???Planning to recall thousands of Lexus PowerPoint Presentation
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Toyota does it again: ???Planning to recall thousands of Lexus

Toyota does it again: ???Planning to recall thousands of Lexus

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Toyota does it again: ???Planning to recall thousands of Lexus

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  1. Toyota does it again: “Planning to recall Thousands of Lexus cars across the world” Recalled Recalled Recalled Recalled Recalled Recalled Recalled Recalled © Auto Relief Group

  2. It’s Lexus Now Toyota Motor Corporation is planning to recall 11,500 Lexus vehicles across the globe for problems related to steering. Mieko Iwasaki, a spokeswoman for the carmaker informed that Toyota plans to recall 7,000 vehicles overseas, including 3,800 in the U.S., and 4,500 units in Japan. © Auto Relief Group

  3. Expert say Over the years Toyota was strongly criticized for slow responses to safety problems. However this time round Toyota Motor Corporation is working to react more quickly. Anthony Tribunella, Expert and Director of Operations at Auto Relief Group says, “It’s unfortunate that Toyota is once again in the news for wrong reasons, given the fact that it still faces hundreds of state and federal lawsuits in the U.S.” © Auto Relief Group

  4. Working Hard! The good thing though, is that the company wishes to demonstrate that it can respond rapidly to problems in its cars. Though this decision will affect the business, (Lexus being one of its best-selling models) it will certainly create a favorable impact in the automobiles market and help to maintain its reputation. According to the new study released by Consumer Reports, Toyota is currently in the third position as the best carmaker. It seems Toyota is losing its position in the market. © Auto Relief Group

  5. Lets see… The Lexus cars were facing steering problems and the decision to recall these cars may have raised many eyebrows. The recalls time and again are negatively impacting the image of the auto manufacturing giant. Toyota cannot afford to repeat its mistake; instead focus should be on improving manufacturing standards. Its time Toyota should try considering some active changes in its manufacturing strategy and show to the world that it’s a true champion. © Auto Relief Group

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