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Customer-Created Content PowerPoint Presentation
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Customer-Created Content

Customer-Created Content

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Customer-Created Content

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  1. Customer-Created Content Connie Chappell, Marketing Manager

  2. Overview: what is customer-created content? • Blogs and forums • Customer comments, product reviews and “action” product photos • Customer recommendations, viewable “favorites” lists and groupings • Wiki-style product content and articles

  3. Why do you need customer content? • Customers expect it! • In 2005, 23% of Ecommerce sites offered customer reviews and ratings. • By the end of 2006, 43% of Ecommerce sites offered customer reviews and ratings. Source: MarketingSherpa

  4. But who will use it? • 1% of users actually create new site content • 10% of people modify it (add comments etc) • 90% are going to use it to make purchasing decisions! Source: David Fry of Fry, Inc.

  5. Survey found that as many as 50% of customers ages 18 to 34 have posted a comment or review on products they have bought or used. Source: MarketingSherpa

  6. Customers Use Customer Content Heavily to Make Buying Decisions • Adds more information for decision-making, increasing conversions. • The social-networking aspect of customer content feeds on itself, creating “raving fan syndrome”: the cyberworld equivalent of word-of-mouth advertising. • Lends credibility to your business and your product offerings (even when reviews or comments are sometimes negative!)

  7. Good for SEO, Too! Customer content also adds search-engine spider-crawlable depth and update frequency to your pages, facilitating better organic search engine rankings.

  8. What about negative reviews? • Consumers give feedback after good experiences more than they do after bad. • Customers perceive even bad reviews as trustworthy merchant behavior.

  9. Ways Customers Are Providing Feedback • Took a survey after a good experience 43% • Told friends about a good experience 31% • Told friends about a bad experience 21% • Took a survey after a bad experience 17% • Sent email to customer service after a good experience 12% • Sent email to customer service after a bad experience 12% • Wrote product review on a store site about a product I liked 9% • Wrote product review on a store site about product I didn’t like 4% • None 35% Source: Jupiter Research, 2006

  10. Key to using reviews to get conversions is to make them easy to submit and place them highly visibly around the site.

  11. How do you manage customer content cost-effectively? Essential to have storage for your content tied to your product content system, rather than just static areas of your site, so that customers and browsers can find relevant content quickly and easily without your staff having to manually tie it.

  12. How do you manage customer content cost-effectively? Also essential to have quick and robust reviewing capabilities

  13. How do you manage customer content cost-effectively? You want the process of signing up as a content provider, and uploading content, to be fast and easy for your customers, or again, they’ll never bother using it.

  14. Not every customer content system will be a perfect fit for your business, but creating such a system from scratch is cost-prohibitive.

  15. The best way to manage is to build your site so you can take advantage of customer content as your site grows and your customers demand this capability. Find a product for customer content management that will snap in to your existing site code so you can turn on and off the best-fitting pieces for your business as it grows and evolves.

  16. Be sure to ask for a demo of Ability SiteFan soon! • Robust snap-in functionality for any Ability Commerce site • Choose only the customer-content features you need; add more later! • Flexible and easy-to-use reviewing and uploading capabilities for fast turnaround and minimal labor