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Teen Research Unlimited 1998 Survey PowerPoint Presentation
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Teen Research Unlimited 1998 Survey

Teen Research Unlimited 1998 Survey

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Teen Research Unlimited 1998 Survey

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  1. Today's Teens TRU Teen Research Unlimited1998 Survey


  3. Lots of rings Pierced noses Lots of make up Lots of jewelry “Funky hair” Long hair on boys High top athletic shoes Reggae music Liquor, cigarettes & drugs

  4. The good news is that these are “out”… THE BAD NEWS?

  5. These items are “in”: Sunglasses Rap music Jerry Springer Baseball caps Boxer shorts Corduroys Short hair on boys Coloring your hair Backpacks Cellphones Eating healthy “Cool” “Sucks”

  6. So how did you do? What do you know about today’s teens? How do you plan to market to them?

  7. Quick Quiz……Tell me what is in and what is out?

  8. Rap Music Boxer Shorts Going to College Jerry Springer “Sucks” Pierced noses Marijuana Funky hair Body Glitter “Phat” THESE ARE IN: THESE ARE OUT:

  9. Developing an Understanding of Teens Spending Where they shop How they spend time When and what they eat Their interest in advertising Opinions and psyche Motivations/expectations How they deal with stress

  10. Teens 1998 Spending • $141 Billion • Up 16% from 1997 • Teens Spend: -$84 per week on average -$56 of this is their own money -UNDERSTANDING TEENS-

  11. Teens 1998 Spending (continued) • Teens earns $78 per week on average • Less than 1/3 of teens receive a regular allowance • 55% of teen income comes “as needed” from parents • 47% of teens earn money from odd jobs • 1/3 have a part time job • 12% have a full time job • 75% of all teens earn some money fromworking -UNDERSTANDING TEENS-

  12. Teens are Financially Savvy 69% have a savings account 21% have a checking account 12% have a CD 24% own stocks, bonds or mutual funds 19% have access to a credit card -UNDERSTANDING TEENS-

  13. Where Teens Shop In the past 30 days: 74% of teens went to a supermarket 70% of teens went to a discount store 68% of teens went to a shopping mall Girls shop groceries 5.1 times a month Boys shop convenience stores 4.5 times a month -UNDERSTANDING TEENS-

  14. Most Shopped: Favorite: Teens Most Shopped and Favorite Stores OLD NAVY -UNDERSTANDING TEENS-

  15. 2.72 hours cooking & preparing meals 3.30 hours studying 1.62 hours grocery shopping 8.58 hours hanging out 2.53 hours reading newspapers 5.94 hours working 2.41 hours going to the movies 2.55 hours going to religious functions 2.58 hours using online services 9.46 hours listening to CD’s/tapes 6.18 hours talking on the phone How Teens Spend Time* *hours per week -UNDERSTANDING TEENS-

  16. Interest in Advertising Teens have interest in advertising, especially in advertising centered on entertainment; events, activities and movies to attend on evenings and weekends, or music and videos to use at home and/or with friends -UNDERSTANDING TEENS-

  17. Interest in Advertising -UNDERSTANDING TEENS-

  18. Media Most Relied Upon for Specific Advertising *not supermarkets -UNDERSTANDING TEENS-

  19. Opinions Valued by Teens Parents (Moms more than Dads) Boyfriend\Girlfriend Grandparents Siblings Friends Clergy Peers -UNDERSTANDING TEENS-

  20. Aids Education Child abuse Drinking & driving Rather than: Health care Unemployment Homelessness War Teen PsycheTeens are moved more by issues they personally confront, rather than intangible notions that may not directly affect them -UNDERSTANDING TEENS-

  21. Much of who teens are is who they aspire to be Teens are contradictory; they want to fit in, yet they want their own identity They want their freedom, but they don’t want responsibility They want their fun, but find nothing to do -UNDERSTANDING TEENS-

  22. Teens are NOT??? Motivated by: Belonging Acceptance Affiliation Underpinnings of being cool -UNDERSTANDING TEENS-

  23. Teens Expect: College degree Career Home Marriage Children -UNDERSTANDING TEENS-

  24. Teens hope for a more enchanted future... Wealth Glamour Fame -UNDERSTANDING TEENS-

  25. Girls: Listen to music Hang out in room Sleep Talk on phone Hang with friends Boys: Listen to Music Watch TV Hang out in room Play sports Play video games Teens do certain things to deal with stress... -UNDERSTANDING TEENS-

  26. Teens Read Newspapers 75% of them spend 2.5 hours a week reading the newspaper. Popular sections include: Comics Horoscopes Sports Ads Entertainment Classified Local News TV & Radio Listings

  27. Teens’ Past-Week Usage of Daily Newspapers

  28. Guys Read Different Than Girls; Favorites Sections Are: GuysGirls Sports Comics Comics Horoscopes More newspapers are delivering special teen sections Teens appreciate marketers who acknowledge them as a distinct consumer segment

  29. Newspaper Parts or Sections Read Front Page

  30. Teens’ Usage of Sunday Newspapers PAST MONTH

  31. How Teens Get Newspapers Most teens receive daily and/or Sunday newspaper they read by home delivery... • Daily • Sunday

  32. Teens Perception of Media Performance Newspapers are recognized by teens as being a truly local resource. Teens see newspapers as the medium containing information most helpful to them in their daily lives...

  33. MEDIA PERFORMANCE Attention to Story Detail

  34. MEDIA PERFORMANCE Best Educates About Local Community

  35. MEDIA PERFORMANCE Believable/Accurate/Fair

  36. MEDIA PERFORMANCE Contains Helpful Information

  37. MEDIA PERFORMANCE Best Educates About the World

  38. Importance of Editorial Content

  39. Media Relied on for OVERALL News and Information Content Teen’s primary medium or news and information about current events locally and globally is the newspaper

  40. Newspaper’s Strengths and Weaknesses STRENGTHS Newspapers are widely read by teens Newspapers enjoy a favorable image among teens Newspapers have a strong local franchise for news and information among teens Teens find newspapers a valuable resource for advertising

  41. Newspaper’s Strengths and Weaknesses WEAKNESSES Newspapers appear to be falling short in their attempts to make themselves more relevant Teens typically bypass newspapers for lifestyles and entertainment information in favor of other media

  42. Rules for Advertisers Marketing for Teens Teens are Skeptical demand truth in advertising honesty and sincerity valued Teens are Experts at Processing Information Product information is key Be clear, show the product

  43. Teens love to laugh Use humor in advertising What adults see as funny, teens often don’t Don’t use psychology or sarcasm Teens want to relate Make ads speak to teens Do not over promise Fine point demonstrate trust

  44. Summary Points The Teen market is huge Money is a big part of teen life Teens shop and buy Teens care and have high aspirations Teens Read Newspapers

  45. Methodology 1,200 telephone interviews were conducted among teens 12 to 17. Four pieces of sample were employed (for each U.S. Census region) in order to ensure appropriate national representation; quotas were set such that the number of interviews conducted in each region matched the national dispersion of the teen population. Each interview lasted an average of 20 minutes.

  46. When I was 16 my parents were the dumbest people I ever met. When I was 21 I wondered how my parents got so smart in 5 years. Mark Twain One 16 year old said, "My parents are pushing 40. I’ve only got 20 years to get that stupid.”