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Tennis Pressure Ball - Restore & Maintain Bounce

Tennis PressureBall pressurizer tube keeps your tennis balls fresh and brand new for extended-play. The tube restores the pressure of the balls so that your tennis ball never loses its bounces. No need to buy new balls over and over again to get the “freshness” of balls. Pressure ball tube helps maintain the same pressure of tennis ball at 14 psi just like the way when they were new. Save money and reuse your balls for longer playability

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Tennis Pressure Ball - Restore & Maintain Bounce

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  1. Tennis Pressure Ball - Restore & Maintain Bounce Are you tired of spending money on tennis balls because they lose their bounce? Introducing PressureBall, the ultimate tennis ball saver that keeps tennis balls bouncing like new........ www.pressureball.com

  2. About Us ! • PressureBall is a tennis ball pressurizer tube that ensures new tennis balls will never lose their bounce. • By storing them in a PressureBall tube the balls will keep bouncing like brand new balls, until the felt wears out! This clever invention will save you money as your tennis balls remain usable for much, much longer. And you’ll know that every time you head onto the court your balls will perform like new.

  3. What We Offer ? • The PressureBall Tube • You can restore them by putting them in a PressureBall tube. Store them for a few days in PressureBall and you’ll see them bouncing like new again. • Giyo Pump • The Giyo Pump is a very compact quality bike pump. It has a pressure gauge to enable you to measure the pressure level in the tube. If you use your own pump you need to be able to measure the pressure in the tube accurately.

  4. Contact Us To Know More About Us Visit the website www.pressureball.com Mobile: +64 27 869 6481 Email: barry@pressureball.com

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