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iPhone SE & iPhone 6S: Buy Your Choice of Apple Device PowerPoint Presentation
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iPhone SE & iPhone 6S: Buy Your Choice of Apple Device

iPhone SE & iPhone 6S: Buy Your Choice of Apple Device

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iPhone SE & iPhone 6S: Buy Your Choice of Apple Device

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  1. iPhone SE & iPhone 6S: Buy Your Choice of Apple Device The Cupertino based tech juggernaut Apple is always admired for its revolutionary high-end products. Every new product launch puts the stage on fire and people in the conundrum for deciding which one to buy. In the world of smartphones, where Android is leading to a huge fan list, there is no competition for Apple’s iPhone devices. It is alone enough to show its incredibility with bazillions of admirers. iPhone 6S Plus BecexTech Australia Page 1

  2. If you are thinking to buy Apple iPhone online, then you can choose either iPhone SE or can look for the iPhone 6S. Let’s differentiate these two handsets to find out what can fulfill your needs in every aspect. iPhone SE 32 GB BecexTech Australia Page 2

  3. Smaller or Bigger? The Choice is yours: With the latest launch, it seems like Apple wants to go back in its past age, crafting this new handset’s body like iPhone 5. However, it is lighter than the 6S and also can be handled more comfortably with one hand- good for people with small hands, due to its small dimension, while the 6S has a bigger body than SE with curved edges. It’s all your choice which can attract you most. iPhone SE 64 GB BecexTech Australia Page 3

  4. Aged Displays Both iPhone SE and S6 handsets can get you back into the doted world with LED backlit IPS displays. From past six years, the Cupertino tech giant is captivating the world with Retina Display, but this time it has brought the dated displays with 4-inch and 4.7-inch screen sizes, respectively. You don’t even find 2K resolution to experience. However, the 6S can satisfy you at an extent with its great contrast ratio and 3D Touch while SE seems to faded in this aspect. iPhone SE 16 GB BecexTech Australia Page 4

  5. Leading Performance: The most enchanting feature of iPhone SE is its boosting performance. This small device, though looks dated, but has a very powerful processor. The A9 chipset, 2GB RAM and iOS 9 are enough to make both of these handsets, best to offer cutting-edge features. Best Camera to Attract Shutterbugs Apple has paired a stunning 12-megapixel camera module on rear panel for shutterbugs on both devices. Crafting such a high quality camera scion on a cheaper handset, the company has made this smaller iPhone device again a winner. However, there is no good news for selfie lovers, because SE has only 1.2MP front snapper while the S6 is carved with the 5MP front shooter. iPhone 6S Plus 128 GB Battery: About to Die or Not? BecexTech Australia Page 5

  6. If the processor is the mind of a device, then the battery is the heart which gives a phone power, to run for several hours. iPhone SE with 1642mAH battery has made a surprising entry in the Apple world with a whole day of battery life once charged. On the other side, S6 can’t promise for the whole day of battery life on one charge, despite the bigger battery of 1715 mAh. Iphone 6S Plus 64 GB Storage Variants & the Prices: BecexTech Australia Page 6

  7. If you are looking for the biggest storage space where you can store several types of data without any space problem, then you can go with the iPhone 6S. It is available in three storage variants- 16 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB for AU$ 869, AU$ 944, and AU$ 1144. If you want to buy an Apple iPhone in Australia at cheaper rates without compromising with the cutting edge features, then choose iPhone SE, which is available in 16GB and 64GB options at AU$ 524 and AU$ 674. You have every detail which proves that both handsets are good and are designed to meet the specific needs of people. It’s your choice which product you choose and make your gadget. Follow Us On: BecexTech Australia Page 7