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Best Moving Companies Houston Texas PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Moving Companies Houston Texas

Best Moving Companies Houston Texas

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Best Moving Companies Houston Texas

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  1. Best Moving Companies Houston Texas Office moving can be quite challenging right! When you planned to move all your office equipment, machinery and costly furniture, you need to be more cautious in choosing the best moving company. Now with Betton Moving company, you can get professional office movers who can facilitate quick and efficient moving services in Houston, Texas. We have more than 30 years of experience and has successfully handled office moving services of all sizes. There's no job too big or small for our team! We can handle everything in Houston, Texas. We easily move your office equipment without facing any interruptions to your employees during the transfer of your business, thanks to our experienced crew. As a reputed office moving company, we are committed to providing incomparable moving services with professional movers who can take care of all your office furnishing. So you can ensure that your office valuables are in trustworthy hands. Proper padding is giving for your monitors, CPU's, keyboards, printer, telephone mice and other sensitive office items to free from damage. When you hire Betton Moving, as your office moving company in Houston Texas, the type of furniture we would like to relocate to your new place includes: oOffice desks oStorage and file cabinets oDesks oSystems oChairs oOffice accessories oFiles and records Our moving service team from Betton Moving are well trained to dismantle your workstation so as to reassemble correctly at your new location. Thus, it helps to save your money because if the movers are unable to reinstall and configure your furniture it leads to hiring some other movers to do that work. Whether your office moving services need to be done in the next week or next month in Houston, Texas call our team at (855) 798-0705 to help you out! We do offer our client both Moving tips and Packing Tips. Betton Moving quotes a price determined by the size of the load and factors such as stairs, multiple heavy items, and deconstructing beds and similar large items. Check out our below feasible rates: Hourly Rates

  2. We’re happy to work during the week or at the weekend, depending on your moving schedule. Flat rates are available and subject to approval. Our hourly rates include: Weekdays • $99.00 per Hour for a Three-Man Crew with a $49.00-$99.00 Trip Charge • $79.00 per Hour for a Two-Man Crew with a $39.50 Trip Charge (Subject for Availability) Weekends • $109.00 per Hour for a Three-Man Crew with a $59.50-$109.00 Trip Charge • $79.00 per Hour for a Two-Man Crew with a $39.50 Trip Charge (Subject for Availability) Additional Equipment Allow us to make your duties easier. We supply packing equipment such as: • Boxes — Small $1.75, Medium $2.50, Large $3.00 • Wardrobes — Rental $8.00, Purchased $12.00 • Dish Packs with Inserts — $12.00 • White Paper — $1.00 per Pound • Tape — $3.00 per Roll Note: you need to add your images and videos of your works, so as to increase the value of your page. texas.html Contact Details: 11999 Katy Freeway, Suite 503 Houston,TX,77079,USA (855) 798-0705