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  1. With our top priority set on servicing customers with the finest diamonds and Jewellery. Our beliefs led us to a concept of affordable diamonds anyone can enjoy. Wholesale direct supplies combined with high performance of Clarity Enhancing advanced technology give us power to sell as low as 85% off regular retail price. With Our vast selection of diamond jewelry you’ll find a piece accommodating to any budget. Our Goal is to provide our customers each and every time with the best quality and service each time they shop or visit us at BIGGESTDIAMOND.COM. Enjoy our new and easy to use customization feature where you have full control over four parameters of a jewelry piece, including engagement rings, wedding bands, engagement ring sets: carat weight of a center diamond, its color, clarity and metal type. It’s an exceptional tool to choose criteria most important for you, so you can literally build your own ring. Another convenient way to narrow your search is by Keyword Search tool. The complete learning guide will arm you with all knowledge in diamond industry we possess to feel comfortable and confident when shopping on-line.

  2. Our World Class Customer Service Department and Jewelry Experts will help you to find exactly what you are looking for and will answer all of your questions. Every item in our stunning collection is handmade and all diamonds are set by our master jewelers. Our diamond gemologists are dedicated to bringing you the finest diamond jewelry available using only handpicked and assorted diamonds. Full Satisfaction Guarantee - We provide our customers with full 30 days to view and approve your purchased diamond jewelry. You can exchange or return your jewelry for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase! Custom Made Products– Each and every item purchased on the BIGGESTDIAMOND.COM will be accommodated to your personal preferences. We go as far as offering design changes made exclusively for you as a part of our excellent customer care, so you can enjoy unique diamond piece matching to no other in the world!

  3. Lifetime Warranty - We stand behind all of our products with a lifetime warranty. If the clarity enhancement in your diamond is reversed we will always fix the problem for you! Contact Us - Our Customer Service Department is more than happy to answer all of your questions and listen to suggestions concerning your shopping experience at the BIGGESTDIAMOND.COM. You can call us toll-free at or e-mail us at For the true connoisseurs of luxurious beauty of diamonds the is pleased to offer one of the widest varieties of choices of diamond rings available in the internet. Everyone can find what he likes in our vast collections of diamonds. The variety of styles and genres will satisfy even the most discerning buyer. Any diamond ring can be made with a personal touch, customized to your unique style so there will be no other to repeat it. But diamonds jewelry is not only a pretty thing, whim of a beautiful woman, passing fancy of a shiny trinket. Unlike most of other jewelry diamonds has a different, very practical, side of owning them. In a great part diamonds are the perfect investment. The value of this precious stone never drops.

  4. Diamond necklaces are perfect gifts for the female in your life. It can suit the elegance of women at any occasion. Whether it is, your anniversary, her birthday or Christmas Eve, you can gift them diamond necklaces to make them happy and increase their loveliness. Diamond necklaces are timeless and have a true meaning of beauty inside a female. Diamond pendantsare easy to find and most worthy gifts to give to your woman. You don’t have to worry about anything while making a purchase. There is no hassle related to neck size or finger size. Diamond is a choice forever and there are no issues related to fashion trends with it as they are always trendy. Cheap diamond stud earrings are at a top listing of wish list of every female. Earrings are easy to wear and look attractive on females. The rates of diamond and precious metals are getting higher day by day and people are looking for inexpensive ways to choose the items falling within their budget. There are many ways through which you can make cheap and best purchase of diamond studs and save your precious money by taking best piece for your loved females.

  5. Real diamonds can fall in your budget, if you make a right purchase at a correct time. Stone quality can be measure the range of your jewelry. If you are thinking about diamond studs, then they are sold according to clarity of the piece. You need to get knowledge about clarity and color of diamond studs before making a right purchase. Diamonds can’t be purchased often and it is better to make a selection for best pair of studs and spend a little more in the beginning. Contact Us Location: Biggest Diamond 244 MADISON AVE #5420 NEW YORK, NY 10016 USA Contact By Email: Talk to us: 1-800-240-3253