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Tips on How to Take Care of Newborn Baby PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips on How to Take Care of Newborn Baby

Tips on How to Take Care of Newborn Baby

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Tips on How to Take Care of Newborn Baby

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  1. How To Take Care Of Newborn Baby Mothers'Zone

  2. Newborn Baby Care Tips • Master the basics – Ensure that your baby is getting plenty of rest . • Always place your baby on his back when going to sleep. • Alternate the position of your baby’s head to eliminate the ‘soft spot’ • Wash or sanitize your hands before you handle your baby to avoid infection. • Support your baby’s head and neck while holding him upright • Learn to swaddle your baby as this helps him feel secure for the first two months. • Use clean and cotton material baby clothing and ensure you wash it with disinfectant every day .

  3. Baby Bathing Tips • Initially, it is enough to bathe your • baby twice a week. • You can give a sponge bath with warm • water and towel on the other days, especially if it is winter season. • You can use a standard baby soap and shampoo to bathe . • Before you begin the bathing, assemble all necessary things like tub, soft towels, cotton wool, clean clothes, clean nappy and water that is body temperature. • You must remember that babies can get slippery after you apply soap. It is recommended to use a bathtub to avoid accidental slipping.

  4. Diaper Baby Tips • This is one art that needs to be • mastered by every mom. • Always use diapers made of • cotton materials and avoid • synthetics. • Always maintain hygiene when dealing with new born babies and diapers. • Keep your baby as dry and comfortable as possible when using diapers . • Change diapers regularly after each soiling

  5. Travel with Newborn Baby • Ensure you pack all necessity things of the baby including diapers, clothes, towels, soft tissues, soaps, shampoo, etc. • Pre-feed your baby if you are flying for a long duration

  6. Fill out an emergency sheet with all health information of your baby and save it in your smartphone in case of any emergency • Book the best seats possible during flights and take rooms that offer ample space • Carry a hat and sweaters to • protect your child from sun and • extreme cold weathers.

  7. With the right care of new born baby, you will find this experience truly rewarding and you will love spending quality time with your baby, no matter what you two do together!

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