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Why are Mobile Apps Now Essential for Online Shopping Businesses?

The market share for an ecommerce mobile app is likely to climb over 50% of total share across Desktop and Mobile platforms. Understand how crucial it is and specific features a business must take for while opting for iPhone App Development and Android App Development. https://www.biztechcs.com/blog/why-mobile-apps-for-online-shopping-businesses/

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Why are Mobile Apps Now Essential for Online Shopping Businesses?

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  1. Why are Mobile Apps Now Essential for Online Shopping Businesses? Online shopping is all about selling the experience rather than just than the products. One of the largest investments in the ecommerce business is the web development. And all of that is to keep enhancing the experience of the consumer. Unlike offline retail business, ecommerce 1 ​​https://www.biztechcs.com/

  2. allows you to manage the décor of your e-store at reasonably lesser costs. (Source: Business insider) In this virtual home décor cycle of ecommerce experience, mobile is clinching the battle away from the old-fashioned desktop. In the year 2017, the mobile ecommerce contributed close to 59% of total ecommerce sales. Though 2018 shifted 4.5% higher than the previous year, we are talking about $1.8 Billion in global ecommerce sales for the year. The expected total share of mobile e-commerce is up to 70% by the end of 2020 with revenue numbers climbing up to $2.91 Billion. (Source: Statista) 2 ​​https://www.biztechcs.com/

  3. As we wait for the numbers of 2018, the latest BI Intelligence data for Q4 2017 for sales in North America suggests that the mobile app is beating both – the desktop and the mobile site (​source: Business Insider​). So, if you did average in last year’s festive sales, not having a mobile app could well be the reason. Now ecommerce mobile app development and its marketing is not the same as ‘traditional’ ecommerce marketing methods. But it is sure something you must adapt to. Miss 50% Revenue Making Opportunities Just by ​​not Having a Mobile App. The market share for online shopping is shifting at a furious rate towards Mobile Apps. It is already a late entry for a business to develop a mobile app if you do not have one already. You do, but it does not give the best of the experience, that is a deeper hole you have dug yourself into. Mobile App is a perfect canvas to deliver the experience to earn loyal customers. And, if you deviate from that goal, you will start losing customers at an even faster rate. Go Native or Not? One of the basic questions for ecommerce mobile app development is whether to develop native apps or cross-platform would do the job. The bottom line is the experience you wish to deliver and money your current business value permits. The fact is that you would need Android and iOS – both. Therefore, let this be a business decision rather than a technical one. Biztech Consulting consultation with analytical data and detailed specs prior to the development. Services provides 360-degree 3 ​​https://www.biztechcs.com/

  4. iPhone App Development Services For example, while using banking mobile apps for iPhone, one could integrate Siri to give commands and directly transfer funds to beneficiaries. Even to log in to these apps, there is an option to use FaceID in iPhone apps. Android does a similar thing using TouchID. Due to the backend process of Apple not sharing the confidential customer details with third-parties, as a user, you would be willing to add these details. More advanced online payment integrations options of iOS 12 make iPhone App Development suited for ecommerce mobile apps. These features include FaceID, TouchID, Apple Pay, Siri integration, and Apple’s own brand value. On the other hand, Apple store compliance requirements also enforce certain conditions which do not allow merchant forced notifications or collecting customer information without consent. Therefore, you Development Services from a skilled iOS developer with experience into ecommerce mobile app development. should opt for ​iPhone App Android App Development Services Android apps do not feature enhanced features such as FaceID. However, there is a wide range of features a skilled Android developer can put to use. More importantly, Android penetration is quite higher in certain geographies than the other. Therefore as a business, you must first understand your Diaspora and focus on development priorities accordingly. 4 ​​https://www.biztechcs.com/

  5. In many ways, Android App Development is not much different than the iOS App Development. The difference is in the approach to provide the best experience suiting for the users of these platforms. Biztech Consultancy Services has a wide range of experience in ecommerce web and mobile app development. We consult, we develop, and we also help with the marketing aspect of the mobile apps. The Marketing Angle As we mentioned in earlier, the marketing for mobile apps is not the same as website marketing. The task is to make a home in the Smartphone of the user. Post doing so, you need to stay updated and continue to engage the user. The goals here could be in terms of the number of downloads, the number of active users, and tracking of the users on the mobile app & website. We encourage all our clients to think this element through and ensure that there are key features in the mobile app to ensure a high percentage of engagement. Any ecommerce website suffers standard phenomena where tracking and recognizing the anonymous users is impossible. The mobile app is the perfect solution to that challenge. Driving customer loyalty is much easier (innovative, yet easier) with the mobile app. Deep-linking of the product URLs is also crucial, as you would want the users to jump to the product directly in the app from the search results. Besides these technicalities, there could be several factors affecting the user experience. Therefore, while taking on ecommerce mobile app development project, you must take these critical points into consideration: 5 ​​https://www.biztechcs.com/

  6. 1. Native Apps vs. Cross-Platform Apps 2. Priority App: iPhone or Android or Both 3. Deep-linking for Products 4. Layout the App Marketing Plan 5. Integrate a web page in mobile website prompting users to download App with an alternative to continue browsing in the mobile web 6. List down most critical features for a mobile app to ensure a smooth first release At Biztech Consulting Services, you would find Android and iOS developers with rich experience to have managed ecommerce projects. We understand the challenges and end-user expectations. ​Get in touch with us and let us review your requirements. We will get back to you in less than 24 hours with detailed specifications. View Source: https://www.biztechcs.com/blog/why-mobile-apps-for-online-shoppin g-businesses/ 6 ​​https://www.biztechcs.com/

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