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How to Market on Reddit, Even Though Reddit Hates Marketing - SMX Social Media 2014

Reddit has a history of being very hard on marketers and anyone trying to promote their brand or content on Reddit. This presentation goes into some history on why Reddit is so harsh on marketing, some various tactics to have success, and some examples of people succeeding on Reddit.

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How to Market on Reddit, Even Though Reddit Hates Marketing - SMX Social Media 2014

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Presentation Transcript

  1. f Reddit hates (non-reddit) marketers

  2. Reddit hates (non-reddit) marketers

  3. • Hypocrisy • No single standard • Common with people in general youtube.com/watch?v=uOtuEDgYTwI

  4. Tips • Be a real user • Understand the rules for each SubReddit • Comment as much, if not more, than you submit • Find at least one community you are passionate about • Build your account prior to submitting • Don’t try to game the voting system • Be anonymous and secretive • Try, try, and try again

  5. Self Post (aka Text Post) • Text based submissions that don’t link out • /r/self/ - /r/askreddit – many others • Popular on Support and Help Subreddits • Some Subreddits only allow Self posts • Conversational approach and allows subtle promotion

  6. Making Self Posts • Start discussions around topics of interest • Ask for feedback and help

  7. Why Self Post • Allow linking in the content • Edit later to add links or promotional elements • Participate in comments • Links, coupon codes, branding • Track self posts for AMA requests • Topic expertise requests lead to AMAs growth and success

  8. AMA (Ask Me Anything) • One of most popular Subreddits • Obama, Bill Gates, Celebrities, etc • Everyday people too

  9. Everyday AMA

  10. Too much AMA

  11. AMA (Ask Me Anything) People ask for AMAs all the time, so set up feeds and search for request you can fulfill • AMA Request • Self posts in desired Subreddits •

  12. • Identify ideal Subreddits • Redditmetrics.com • Redditinsight.com

  13. • Review TOP and Controversial

  14. • Review Moderators for their interests Redditinvestigator.com

  15. • Create content focused for Reddit success • Submit to the right Subreddit • Topics Mods and Users Like • Good Title / Description • Not all first letters capitalized • Submit at right time (10am EST) • Takes a popular view on a topic

  16. • Identify right Subreddit • Adhere to Redditquette • Be engaged, creative, and extraordinary! • reddit.com/advertising/ • Self serve up to $30,000 budget

  17. Ad

  18. • /r/HailCorporate/ • Reddit responses • Pro / Con • Ads Reddit is Proud Of

  19. Newcastle S****B*** Self Post format Doesn’t link out Funny and edgy • • • Ifwemadeit.com

  20. Responding to Comments Related threads • Reddit exclusive offers • Link to resources •

  21. Beef Jerky Comments

  22. Discount Beef Jerky

  23. Jerky AMA

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