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Social Hacks: Time Savers To Fuel Your Marketing Success at SEMPDX 2015

Social Media can take a lot of time. Over the years our team has come up with a number of hacks to save time and still have great success across the top social media sites. This presentation touches on some of our best hacks for social media.

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Social Hacks: Time Savers To Fuel Your Marketing Success at SEMPDX 2015

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Time Savers To Fuel Your Marketing Success Brent Csutoras

  2. Social Media takes time! Brent Csutoras

  3. Content Brent Csutoras

  4. Subreddits Brent Csutoras

  5. Lists Brent Csutoras

  6. Misc Brent Csutoras

  7. Google+ Communities Brent Csutoras

  8. Research Brent Csutoras

  9. Brent Csutoras

  10. Facebook: Schedule  Conserve Updates  Utilize weekly trends  TBT (Throw Back Thursday), Motivation Monday, etc  Schedule Evergreen content multiple times  Content with Stats, multiple images, etc Brent Csutoras

  11. Facebook: Contributors 22 Contributors 9 Contributors 6 Contributors Brent Csutoras

  12. Facebook: Boosting Brent Csutoras

  13. Facebook: Images  Canva.com  Unsplash.com  http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/238646 Brent Csutoras

  14. Brent Csutoras

  15. Twitter: Search Brent Csutoras

  16. Twitter: IFTTT Brent Csutoras

  17. Brent Csutoras

  18. Google+: Account Views Brent Csutoras

  19. Google+: Account Views Brent Csutoras

  20. Google+: URL +1s Brent Csutoras

  21. Google+: Networking & Ripples Brent Csutoras

  22. Google+: #Hashtags Brent Csutoras

  23. Brent Csutoras

  24. Reddit: Be Anonymous Brent Csutoras

  25. Subreddits  Redditmetrics.com  Redditinsight.com Brent Csutoras

  26. Reddit: Comment on Upcoming Brent Csutoras

  27. Reddit: Copy The Mods  Redditinvestigatior.com Brent Csutoras

  28. Brent Csutoras

  29. Pinterest: Collaborative Boards pingroupie.com Brent Csutoras

  30. Pinterest: Review Domains  pinterest.com/source/pixelroaddesigns.com/ Brent Csutoras

  31. Pinterest: Related Search Terms Brent Csutoras

  32. Pinterest: ViralTag  Viraltag.com  Setup Times for Scheduling  Upload Multiple Images  Crop, Meme, Adjust Images Brent Csutoras

  33. Brent Csutoras

  34. Tumblr: JetPack Brent Csutoras

  35. Tumblr: Social Ads Brent Csutoras

  36. Tumblr: Ninjas Brent Csutoras

  37. Brent Csutoras

  38. LinkedIn: Who’s Viewing You  Section on LinkedIn  People visit you back!  Build profile for ROI  Emails Brent Csutoras

  39. LinkedIn: Publishing  How you get followers outside of connections  Once a week  Opinion on topic  Repurposed Article Brent Csutoras

  40. Let’s Connect brent@csutoras.com linkedin.com/in/brentcsutoras @brentcsutoras Brent Csutoras

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