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Medical Billing Outsourcing Reasons for Cardiologist

Simply watch our presentation to know the reasons to outsource the cardiology medical billing. Looking for a medical billing company in US? No more searches! Just outsource your medical billing to MGSI.

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Medical Billing Outsourcing Reasons for Cardiologist

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  1. Medical Billing Outsourcing Reasons for Cardiologist www.mgsionline.com

  2. Abstract • Introduction • Medical Billing Outsourcing Reasons • About us • Contact us www.mgsionline.com

  3. Introduction • As a result of medical reformation, cardiologists get a big downfall in revenue. • In house medical billing team may lack in understanding the new set of medical codes. • For these case, you have to outsource cardiology medical billing to leading medical billing companies. • www.mgsionline.com

  4. Medical Billing Outsourcing Reasons • New Medical Reforms • Medicare Fee Reduction • Focus on Core Business • Other Reasons Let’s discuss each topic briefly in this presentation. www.mgsionline.com

  5. New Medical Reforms • In cardiology medical billing, IC9 – IC10 set migration made some big impact. That made the billing process a more complex one. • New codes added in the Cerebral infarction section • And new sub categories are added in the cerebrovascular diseases. In this case in house billing team requires training on this. But the cardiology medical billing outsourcing team experts who have well knowledge on new standards and billing terminologies. www.mgsionline.com

  6. Medicare Fee Reduction • Every year 2% Medicare fee reduction happens in cardiology medical billing. So cardiologist faces a huge revenue loss issue. • If you want to save money in cardiology medical billing, just outsource your cardiology medical billing to offshore or onshore vendors. www.mgsionline.com

  7. Focus on Core Business •  Managing time between front and back end cardiology billing services and patient care is a tremendous battle for cardiologists. • And they face some issue in medical bill claims, such as claim denials, AR follows up, etc. • In such a situation they can't able to focus on patient care. • Thus the reason cardiologist should outsource their medical billing. www.mgsionline.com

  8. For the following reasons too… • Productivity improvement • Rapid payment posting • Collection improvement • Progress tracking and area of improvement finding • Faster turn around time • Monthly audits • Claim follow-ups • Customized billing solutions www.mgsionline.com

  9. About us • MGSI is the best medical billing company in Florida USA. We are more than 25 years experienced in this field. • We act as a one stop shop because we provide all medical billing services like cardiology medical billing, radiology medical billing, Anesthesia medical billing, etc. • We have well experienced medical billing and coding experts to increase your business revenue! www.mgsionline.com

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