10 highest paying freelance jobs n.
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Best High Paying Freelance Jobs PowerPoint Presentation
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Best High Paying Freelance Jobs

Best High Paying Freelance Jobs

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Best High Paying Freelance Jobs

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  1. 10 Highest Paying Freelance Jobs  It takes a lot of guts to choose a full time freelancing career, but if done in the right way, the career of a freelancer would offer you loads of freedom, peace of mind and of course a handsome amount at the end of the month.

  2. 1.Programmer and Software Developer Software and mobile app developers are presently the highest paid freelancers since they offer an expertise which isn’t easy to master. 

  3. 2. Web Designers and Web Developers Presently more than 14,000 freelance web designers work in the US alone. Contract salaries are more than often high so there is no reason why you shouldn’t give it a shot.

  4. 3. Copywriter One of the greatest advantages of venturing into the world of copywriting is that it doesn’t require any special qualifications on your part. 

  5. 4. Graphic Designer  Loads of new websites spring up on a daily basis and someone has to do the job of making then look perfect. 

  6. 5. Translator You might be surprised to learn that translation was one of the most in-demand services which generated a revenue of $3 billion back in 2013. 

  7. 6. Voice Actors Voice acting is a kind of audio performance which involves narration of voice-overs, the performance of voices for cartoon characters, dubbing for foreign language films and adverts etc.

  8. 7. Video Editors Naturally, the demand for video editors are getting high and some editors in the US earn more than $72,000 per annum just by editing videos from their desk

  9. 8. Content Writers One of the most popular freelance jobs in the last 10 years, the career of a content writer can be a flourishing one thanks to the boom in online marketing trends. 

  10. 9. Social Media Manager Freelancers who are in complete charge of social media account of various businesses are known to make around $50,000 per year in the US.

  11. 10. IT Security Consultant If you have an in-depth knowledge of databases, viruses, and networks and have certifications in MCSE or CCIE then feel free to plunge into the career of a freelance IT security consultant.