your go to guide to riding safe with carmel limo nyc n.
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New York Limousines - Carmellimo PowerPoint Presentation
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New York Limousines - Carmellimo

New York Limousines - Carmellimo

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New York Limousines - Carmellimo

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  1. Your Go-to Guide to Riding Safe with Carmel Limo NYC -

  2. Family comes first under any circumstances, and so does their safety. Whether it is at home, outside, while traveling, or even taking a cab ride together, we always prioritize the wellness of our loved ones. Carmel Limo NYC understands this and is committed to your safety, which is why we have curated this guide for your trips in and around NYC, including airport transfers. With the best-in-class safety features installed on each of our vehicles and the most professional and helpful chauffeurs around, we also want to make sure that our riders keep themselves abreast of these safety tips. These tips ensure that peace of mind tops the list for our busy riders who can’t compromise on safety, come what may.

  3. Riding with the toddlers We have many young mothers and caring fathers taking our cabs almost every day. By law, car seats/booster seats are mandatory for children, and parents must ensure that this safety equipment is used diligently. Remember to bring along this safety accessory when you come with the young one, and our chauffeur will be more than happy to assist you and ensure that it is set properly, while your little one is kept cozy and secure (while enjoying the views of NYC). The overview of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for the car and booster seats will help you determine the right size/kind of seat. You can also obtain state-specific guidance on the rules when it comes to commuting with children in ride-hailing or airport limousine vehicles at*.

  4. Old Enough to take Carmel Limo Rides It is a general rule set by the state in the ‘adults-only’ policy that persons below 18 years of age can’t request a ride or commute unaccompanied. So, ensure that minors aren’t allowed to travel alone or use ride-hailing, or airport limo services without an adult along. Double-check your cab details We always send you a message before you take a Carmel limousine NYC ride that has information regarding the driver (name & photo), the license plate number, the driver’s rating, the car model, and the ride info on the Carmel Limo app. Remember, you must always accept the ride only if these details match and for rides requested via the Carmel app.

  5. Track your Loved Ones on-the-go Ask your loved ones to send you their live location link on Whatsapp or any other messaging app. With this, you can always track the details of the Carmel Limo ride, access the details of the driver and the vehicle, and also track the progress of the journey in real-time. You can request the rider to set a reminder on his/her phone to send you the live tracking link with the trip status and the details of the ride. Alternatively, you can also book the ride for your loved ones on your phone using the Carmel Limo app and track them using our highly accurate GPS location tracking feature.

  6. Make sure everyone fits Need a cab for a family day out or flying into NYC with the family? You will need more room in the cab than you think. Book a Carmel Limo with enough seat belts for everyone and enough legroom. We have bigger cars for larger families. These vehicles can accommodate a group of up to six people and extra luggage comfortably. No more adjustments or cramming up if you book the larger Carmel Limo rides on the Carmel app. Treat your loved one with a Carmel Limo Ride Want to surprise someone while ensuring his/her safety? Book a ride on the Carmel app (for riders above 18 years), and we’ll send the details to them. After the trip is complete, you will get a notification and the bill on your app.

  7. A Carmel Limo Ride for Every Need We let you provide special instructions for the scheduled ride on your Carmel Limo app. If you have an older person being dropped/picked up at the hospital, or heavy luggage to be handled for your airport transits, just let us know. We will inform the chauffeur to take extra care in ensuring that the ride is safe and comfortable for those with special needs. Carmel’s Safety Centre We have a safety center that can be contacted using our helpline number at any time. We also have the safety center quick access on your Carmel Limo app, which provides safety info, including driver screening, insurance protections, plus info on everything Carmel Limo NYC is doing to help keep you safe throughout your journey.

  8. Privacy is Our Primary Focus Once you request a ride, we send you the details of the driver (transparency) and the ride. Alternatively, when you contact the driver, we keep your phone number anonymous to protect your privacy. You can also provide the closest pick-up/drop-off point to your actual address to add the extra layer of privacy. Two-way Ratings We value your safety and experience when it comes to taking Carmel Limo rides. The two-way rating feature allows the rider and the driver to rate the riding and driving experience, respectively. This helps us keep our limo services reliable, safe, and enjoyable for everybody.

  9. Also, you can let us know if your driver was riding rashly, been unreasonable, or has misbehaved (which is a rare possibility with us), and we will ensure that we take the appropriate action to avoid such incidents in the future. Conclusion We are building in more safety features into our app that will enhance your riding experience with Carmel Limo NYC. However, we recommend that you align with these safety rules and get oriented with our safety policies before taking a Carmel Limo ride because it is always wise to be safe than to be sorry. Correct?