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Benefits of Refrigeration Installation in Farm and Food Industries PowerPoint Presentation
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Benefits of Refrigeration Installation in Farm and Food Industries

Benefits of Refrigeration Installation in Farm and Food Industries

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Benefits of Refrigeration Installation in Farm and Food Industries

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  1. B Benefits o enefits of Refrigeration Installation in Farm and Food f Refrigeration Installation in Farm and Food Industries Industries Now-a-days refrigeration has become an essential part of food chain-system. From post harvest heat removal to processing, distribution and storage, it has retained an operationally feasible temperature for maximum output and reduced wastage. Basically, food and beverages require a certain temperature controlled environment to keep them fresh and healthy; you must know that fact. Inside low temperature atmosphere the cryogenic bacteria and germs cannot attack the food. It can be stored for several days without harnessing the quality and consistency. So, if you are farmer or food stockiest, installing a cooling and refrigeration in Canterbury location is quintessential. Application of refrigeration in food processing, preservation and distribution Storage of raw fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are fast degradable food items. Bacteria and environmental germs can attack, and enzymatic processing cause ripening of the fruits and vegetables. The growth of bacteria and rate of enzymatic process can be easily reduced at lower temperature. Installation of a refrigeration system can reduce the spoilage and improving the shelf life of the food. It is possible to preserve food products for much longer period under frozen conditions. Milk and dairy products: Milk and dairy product sees maximum use of refrigeration system, as major products of dairy are milk, butter, buttermilk and ice-cream. These products need adequately lower temperature for maintaining quality standards. For milk, it is highly specific to design large coolerin 10 to 15 degree Centigrade for cooling the bulk amount of milk before pasteurization. Pasteurization helps in removing bacteria and germs, but to remain in good quality condition refrigeration is important. So, dairy farming industries have to have large cooling rooms to keep the milk fresh and healthy.

  2. Meat and poultry: These food items also require large cooling rooms for keeping slaughtered meat, fresh and healthy. Short-term storage is done at 0 degree centigrade. Long-term storage requires freezing and storage at -25 degreeCentigrade. Beverages: Tastes of many drinks and beverages can be improved by keeping them cool and chilled. Beer, Wine and Concentrated fruit juice are most demanding among them. Fruit juice concentrates have been very popular because of low cost, good taste and nutritional qualities. Juices can be preserved for a longer period of time than the fruits. Whereas, beer and wine can taste amazing when served chilled. Addition of refrigeration system can befit the production and distribution channel in several ways. If you have a business related to above-mentioned food and farm industry, and still you are ignoring the benefits of refrigeration and cooling system, then the content will be a torch-bearer for you. It will provide fair justification on why having Refrigeration Canterbury is important for your industry. For more details about installation process and fees, consult expert air-conditioner and heat pumps installers from Canterbury area. CONTACT: Address:6B King Street, Timaru 7910 Phone:Office: 03 684 8034 Mobile: 0274399408