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  2. Quick boot up time and fast operation are two of the greatest pleasures of working and gaming on a brand-new computer system. Beyond everything, everybody wants their computer to operate at top potential, notwithstanding whether it is an inexpensive notebook or an expensive all-in-one gaming PC. Unavoidably, nevertheless, that good performance decreases over time. Ultimately, every computer will start to lag. That is where Norton Utilities 16 comes in handy. The brand Norton is not just limited to antivirus software but it also offers several other useful tools such as NU16. Norton Utilities 16 by Norton is one of the best PC clean up tools in the market. It is not only easy on the pocket but it is also very effective.

  3. Why do you need Norton Utilities 16? All PCs ultimately lose that brand new fame, becoming sluggish, unproductive, and worst of all, unpredictable. The operating system gets clustered as programs are installed and not wholly removed, forgetting behind drivers and all kinds of sundry system trash. The hard drives of the computer systems get stuffed with forgotten data which users abandon in forgotten folders. Applications leave huge caches. Ultimately, the entire hard drive stifles the operating system as it attempts to operate. Old drivers stop working accurately. Toolbars along with additional damaging plug-ins can hastily lag the web browsers.

  4. How to Download Norton Utilities 16? • After eliminating any conflicting Norton Utilities software, you can proceed to download the Norton Utilities 16 setup. Users who have a setup CD do not need to download the setup from the web. Here is how you can download NU16: • Go to the following link: • Sign In to your account. • Go to Order History. • After that, go to the Order Number to get the details about NU16. • Below the NU16 details, you will get the activation key. • Copy the activation key. • Click on Download. • Click on the link given in the Download Manager. • Wait for the file to download completely.

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