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Mistakes to Avoid with Air Conditioning that Will Lower Cool PowerPoint Presentation
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Mistakes to Avoid with Air Conditioning that Will Lower Cool

Mistakes to Avoid with Air Conditioning that Will Lower Cool

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Mistakes to Avoid with Air Conditioning that Will Lower Cool

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  1. Mistakes to Avoid with Air Conditioning that Will Lower CoolingBills

  2. WELCOME In the summer months, air conditioning costs can skyrocket a homeowner's electric bill. They can consume more electricity in those few months than the entire rest of the year combined. There are a few ways to reduce the cost of cooling during the summer though. Often, it's by avoiding some common air conditioning mistakes.

  3. Too Large Air Conditioner Whether it's a window unit or central air conditioning, purchasing a unit that is too big for the room or the home can raise the cost of running the air conditioner. People often believe that a larger unit will cool the home faster and keep it cooler than a smaller unit would. A large unit will cycle on and off with more frequency instead of running steadily. The cycling burns through more electricity than constant power to the unit.

  4. A Unit Too Small for the Space The opposite is a problem too. A small air conditioner will not be able to cool the space so it will run continuously without having much impact on the air of the home. It won't be able to reduce humidity and will often work overtime to try to make that happen.

  5. Blocking the Air Conditioner Homeowners don't always love the look of an air conditioning unit and will try to cover or screen it. When the air conditioner is blocked by curtains or other materials, it blocks the air flow that is essential for a unit to run efficiently. It can clog the condenser coils too.

  6. Running the Air Conditioner for the Entire Day A programmable air conditioning unit or thermostat will allow the homeowner to cool the place in a short time before they arrive in the home. They could schedule the air conditioner to start working a half hour before they leave work, so it's cooling the home while the owner is driving.

  7. Not Performing Maintenance Air conditioning units require routine maintenance to run at peak performance. When they are not running efficiently, the unit is using more electricity than necessary. Filters need to be replaced every few months. Many people have routine maintenance in the spring before the start of the summer months, but after running their unit for two months, they should change the filters again. This is especially true if the unit is running constantly. Conclusion These common mistakes can be avoided and will lower the homeowner's cooling bills during the summer. A ceiling fan is another way to improve the air circulation in the home and improve the efficiency of the air conditioning unit.

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