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Cleaning Tips From The Pro’s PowerPoint Presentation
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Cleaning Tips From The Pro’s

Cleaning Tips From The Pro’s

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Cleaning Tips From The Pro’s

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  1. Cleaning Tips From The Pro’s

  2. Here are a few helpful and simple cleaning tips from our friends in the professional cleaning business. Designed to make cleaning your home as straightforward as possible, and without requiring too much sweat and elbow grease, these pointers should be useful for those of you out there not predisposed to cleaning or who have no idea where to begin when it comes to housework. Please note that while these expert cleaners are happy to share their tips, they would much prefer to be cleaning your home for you. So, if you’re struggling to keep a clean home, why not consider hiring a professional to give you a little help?

  3. Tip No.1 While vacuuming, to try and properly cover the area’s most prone to gathering dust and dirt, walk into the room vacuuming, and then turn around and walk back doing the same. A tiny bit of extra effort, for twice as good results. Tip No.2 To make the job of cleaning your home even easier, try to eliminate as much clutter as possible. If you want/need some items left on surfaces, for practical or aesthetic purposes, then be sure to lift each item, dust it or wipe it with a damp cloth, dry it and place it back down onto a clean surface.

  4. Dusting around objects is lazy and encourages dirt to build up in unwanted places, and grubby ornaments will quickly make your whole home look dirty and unkempt. Tip No.3 If you want to continue enjoying hot showers, then you’ll need to clean your showerhead, and one of the most effective, hassle-free and cost-effective ways of doing this is to remove the head and sit it in a fastened bag of vinegar overnight.

  5. Tip No.4 It’s not enough to simply pile all your cleaning supplies and tools into one cupboard, try to organize them into caddies so that when your bathroom needs cleaning, for example, you can simply grab the appropriate caddy and get cleaning without having to search for what you need. Placing the caddies in, or as close to, the rooms that they match may give you less of an excuse to pick them up and get cleaning! Tip No.5 Visualizing each area that you’re going to clean as a grid, can help ensure that you don’t miss a spot, or clean the same spot over and over. It’s a simple process but can prove hugely effective, whether the area that you’re cleaning is big or small.

  6. Tip No.6 Always, always, always clean from the top to the bottom. This saves you time and effort and can ensure that you’re not having to clean the floor again because you’ve dusted the ceiling and unleashed a world of dirt! While these tips won’t magically see your home sparkling with absolutely no input from you, hiring a professional cleaner will, however! Search for a local cleaning company in your area and speak to them about your requirements. Most have a variety of budgetary plans and can usually work around your schedule.

  7. If you value your health and relish the thought of a clean home that won’t trigger allergic reactions in you or guests, then you really should keep it as clean as possible. If it’s too much effort or you don’t have the time to do it yourself, then simply use the services of a professional cleaning company. is a fast-growing house cleaning and maid service provider in Florida. We are known for our professionalism, dependability and exceptional maid and cleaning service in Fort Myers. We have been cleaning homes all through Florida including Orlando, Tampa, Brandon, Largo, Temple Terrace and many other cities. If you are looking for house cleaning in Fort Myers, Extreme Maids can be a good choice.