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Affordable Boat Insurance Alabama PowerPoint Presentation
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Affordable Boat Insurance Alabama

Affordable Boat Insurance Alabama

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Affordable Boat Insurance Alabama

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  1. Company Profile

  2. Affordable Boat Insurance Alabama Affordable Boat Insurance Alabama is renowned to provide cheap boat insurance policy for both professional businesses and people who boat for recreational purposes. Suitable policies are available regardless of the kind of boat with motivated, helpful and trained staff to cater to all your insurance needs. Our service standard has generally been praised and acknowledged by industry regulators. Our claim procedure is designed to run as smooth as possible so that you could get back to boating immediately after claim has been lodged.

  3. Our around the clock customer executives deliver help as soon as accident is reported, making use of our widely-scattered channel of towers, rescuers to assist our subscribed policyholders amid catastrophes such as fire, capsizing, robbery, oil spillage and other frequent accidents. Your case would be managed by experienced boating professionals utterly trained to speed up the claim process and bring you back to the boating as soon as possible.

  4. For comprehensive protection of your boat, equipment etc., Affordable Boat Insurance Alabama have an in-depth coverage plan for almost all types of boats. Our policy includes predetermined value service, wide boating area options, medical insurance, liability coverage etc. Old equipment could also be replaced by new one as part of our policy coverage but certain items are depreciated for which relevant provisions have been put in place. Additionally, cruising options has also been given to specific countries for which separate policies have been formulated. For folks who doesn’t need an in-depth coverage rather need basic protection, lower rate premium policy is recommended. But lower rate in no way means less attention as we treat all our clients equally and never differentiated on the basis of premium fee being paid. Regardless of the insurance package you bought, you could totally depend on our service for any of your need.

  5. Contact Us Address: 303 N Cedar St, Foley, AL 36535 PHONE: 251.424.1217 FAX: 251.424.1218 EMAIL: HOURS: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM M-F Web Site: