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Employee Background Check Maryland PowerPoint Presentation
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Employee Background Check Maryland

Employee Background Check Maryland

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Employee Background Check Maryland

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  1. Employee Background Check Maryland Services to Avert Chances of Employee Theft & Embezzlement With globalization it is commonplace for businesses to engage professional employees from different countries and also operate in multiple places. This situation has created a growing need of security concerns among safety savvy employers and what can be better than performing background check Maryland. Cleared Match is a team of private investigators helping employers perform security checks on the employees regardless of where they are from. If you are an employer having staff and forethought of averting chances of employee theft & embezzlement, it is essential to engage services of Cleared Match professionals for checking criminal records of employee before acceptance of employment. Employment Background Check Virginia is a topmost service offered by Cleared Match trusted for in-depth screening, generating rich, usable data far greater than other background screening services offer. Cleared Match representative says, “We turn over every stone and scrutinize every data point to provide substantive risk analysis”. Employee Background Check Maryland from Cleared Match includes services like:  Drug and Health Screening  Credit Reports and Financial History  Social Security Number Trace and Verification  Education and Employment Verification  Form I-9 and E-Verify  Criminal Background Checks  Court Records Search  Employment Audit and Continuous Monitoring  Social Media Monitoring  Speed and Accuracy Without a doubt employee background checks offer several benefits to both companies and employees. Cleared Match is on the candidate’s side, too. They make it easy to submit information, and provide a dedicated candidate care team to facilitate communication and transparency. Their goal is to make the process as fast and easy as possible for everyone. They go beyond superficial internet searches to delve deep into a subject’s history. Cleared Match background checks are confidential. The subject will never know they’re being investigated, but you’ll have the comfort of knowing your trust is not misplaced.

  2. About Cleared Match Cleared Match is your partner in employee background screening. With a combined 40 plus years in security, human resources, and criminal and corporate investigations, we have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to assure you get the best data available before you make an employment decision and beyond.