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Clean your car virtually anywhere with Pearl Waterless Car Wash PowerPoint Presentation
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Clean your car virtually anywhere with Pearl Waterless Car Wash

Clean your car virtually anywhere with Pearl Waterless Car Wash

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Clean your car virtually anywhere with Pearl Waterless Car Wash

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  1. Take the worry out of cleaning your car. Now you can clean your car virtually anywhere with Waterless Car Wash. No time to clean your car? Worried about the amount of water that is wasted during the traditional car wash or cleaning it at home in the driveway? What about the soaps and oils that are flushed down the storm drain? Do you worry where these chemicals go? Traditional car washes, the soap and water used used to play an important role in the world of car washing. It was wasteful and did harm to the environment. Soaps, petroleum, acids, solvents and other harmful chemicals can be released into the environment while cleaning your car the traditional way of soap and water. Good thing there is an alternative to the soap and water method.

  2. Waterless car wash products work very well and have greatly improved in the past 10 years. Pearl Waterless Car Wash products are one of the top performing products in the world and are available in 60+ countries, including the USA.Pearl Professional waterless car wash contains ingredients that are not harmful to the environment, easy to use and can be use virtually anywhere. Yes, it is true. Since it is waterless car wash, this means you can clean your car almost anywhere without worrying about making a mess, wasting tons of water and harming the environment. Pearl waterless car wash is a safe and easy alternative to the traditional car washing and only uses about a cup full of water to do the job. No more soap and buckets method. With Pearl Waterless, you can literally spray on, generally rub in and wipe off…virtually anywhere/ anytime, in the sun or the shade and on a wet or dry surface…clean, polish and protect all-in-one.

  3. Take Pearl with you. Now you can enjoy the great weather and clean your car in the parking lot, at the beach or while you watch your children play at the park. Your vehicle is a very valuable investment. I am sure that you will feel better about spending all of that money on your investment when it is cleaned, polished and protected from the elements. No time to clean your car? The traditional method of cleaning, drying, wax on/ wax off, can take 2+ hours. Who has time for this? With Pearl products, you can clean and wax your car at the same time.

  4. The polymer, caranuba and nano waxes are designed to help protect your vehicle’s exterior surfaces from the elements. To clean a regular-size car only takes 15-30 minutes, depending on size and how soiled the surface is. Once cleaned one, the surface is slick and will resist getting dirty for days/ weeks. A weekly 10 minutes wipe down with the Pearl Professional Waterless Car Wash will have your car looking like you have a personal detailer at your home.

  5. I know that much of what I have written here could be taken as hype or fiction, but it is absolutely true. Please try it for yourself. The Pearl products speak for themselves. They are designed to amaze you with their abilities to clean, polish and protect with ease. We also offer a money back guarantee. There is virtually no risk to you. Just the possibility of a clean, beautiful car. Gone are the days of worrying about how you can clean your vehicle without harming the environment and spending all day to do so. Now there is a quick and easy way that eliminates the need or use of soap and water plus chemical based products that go along with it. Discover how you can enjoy cleaning your car without water.

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