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10 Myths and Facts about Data Management Outsourcing

This PPT describes some common myths about data management outsourcing services along with facts.

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10 Myths and Facts about Data Management Outsourcing

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  2. YOU ARE RISKING YOUR INFORMATION PRIVACY BY OUTSOURCING MYTH  FACT Securing information is one of the major concerns of every business and outsourcing partner are bound legally by the parent company to ensure the data security. 1

  3. YOU LOSE CONTROL OVER YOUR DATA PROCESSES MYTH  FACT 2 Outsourcing engage the external team to perform the specific function according to the agreed norms and at any time a parent company can audit the performance and terminate the contract if not satisfied.

  4. COST IS THE ONLY BENEFIT FROM OUTSOURCING MYTH  FACT No, a business can leverage other benefits like latest technology & methodology, quick turnaround time, better quality of information too. 3

  5. MYTH  IT IS DIFFICULT TO MANAGE DATA FACT 4 Outsourcing is the most efficient way to manage the specialized tasks that require more time & expert assistance.

  6. IN-HOUSE TEAM DELIVERS BETTER QUALITY THAN OUTSOURCING MYTH  FACT This might be true in rare cases where your business processes require exclusive expertise and that is only available in-house. 5

  7. OUTSOURCING DATA MANAGEMENT IS ONLY FOR BIG FIRMS MYTH  FACT It's not true that only big firms require data management outsourcing services, even SME's want to streamline their data generated on a daily basis, as they need to focus more on marketing and sales aspects. 6

  8. IT IS BETTER TO IMPLEMENT TECHNOLOGY WITHIN ORGANIZATION RATHER THAN OUTSOURCING MYTH  FACT 7 Technological implication needs investment in every manner, so affording all these extra expenses is not a good option for outsourcing.

  9. ONCE THE DATA IS CLEAN, IT WILL REMAIN CLEAN MYTH  FACT 8 Data quality in the data management process is not “clean it once and forget it”. For keeping it clean you need to perform cleansing process regularly.

  10. THE COMPANY IS NOT READY FOR OUTSOURCING DATA MANAGEMENT MYTH  FACT 9 Data management is a large scale implementation that might seem unattainable, but once you outsource it will ramp up gradually with your sources.

  11. AN IN-HOUSE TEAM CAN FIX ANY DATA ISSUE EASILY MYTH  FACT Instead of training the in-house team and enabling them to resolve issues you can outsource to external firms as they have professional expertise and are well versed with the latest technology. 10

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