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Wise Choice for the Best Mattress Protector PowerPoint Presentation
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Wise Choice for the Best Mattress Protector

Wise Choice for the Best Mattress Protector

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Wise Choice for the Best Mattress Protector

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  1. :- :- Website E-mail Phone No:- 02 931 66654 Address :- 34 BAY ST BOTANY NSW 2019 Wise Choice for the Best Mattress Protector The mattress protector and the mattress pad are the best allies when we want to protect our mattresses against dirt, dust, various spills of liquids or bacteria and mold. These two types of bedding accessories, sometimes associated and even mixed, play in a general way the same role. There are several differences between a mattress protector and the mattress pad. What are these differences and for what type of protection to choose for your mattress? The specialists at answer these recurring questions. Using the Mattress protectors is essential in this case. The pad: extra protection The pad is an impervious layer designed to protect the mattress against various body fluids such as urine or feces. It is usually made of waterproof plastic (polyurethane, polypropylene) that will prevent liquids from reaching the surface of the mattress. It is in the form of a flexible plate of very variable dimensions. It can be equipped with elastic straps that can be attached to the edges of a mattress to prevent it from moving. Because of its very different dimensions , the mattress can cover the entire sleeping surface or be placed only on a part of the bed where the sleeper is lying. The pad is usually used in the case of people with incontinence (children or adults) temporarily. There are also disposable models that are used only once. The pad is not very comfortable and produces a lot of noise when moving on it. In terms of price, it is very affordable since we can find models for less than 10 € on the market. The price will usually depend on the quality, but also the size of the model. The mattress protector: to increase the longevity of the mattress As its name suggests, the mattress protector, like the mattress pad, acts as a mattress protector. However, it also plays an aesthetic role and contributes to the comfort of the sleeping surface. Indeed, it is mainly composed of a layer of cotton fleece jersey, sponge or exotic fiber. The mattress protector will always be more comfortable than a mattress pad.

  2. The mattress protector can be used for the long term. Some models presented on our test bench are delivered with a guarantee of 15 years. They therefore do not protect the mattress from dirt and liquids, but also significantly increase its service life, without reducing sleeping comfort. The mattress protector also costs more than the mattress pad as it costs between € 15 and € 100 to buy it. You can have the best Mattress protectors for this matter now. The waterproof mattress protector The waterproof mattress protector combines the qualities of a fleece mattress protector and a mattress pad. Indeed, you layer of fleece is placed a plastic layer (PU or PVC) that will make the mattress protector waterproof. It will offer optimal protection to your mattress while highlighting comfort and aesthetics. The noise emission can even be reduced by the thick and soft upper layer. Like the mattress pad, waterproof mattress protectors are easy to clean and can be used under any circumstances. You can find here tips on how to clean your mattress protector.