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Car Rental Travel Tips

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Car Rental Travel Tips

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  1. I remember the first time I ever needed a rental car.

  2. I was traveling with family, and we just got off a flight to Las Vegas for our family vacation.

  3. We were all prepared to see the sites, go to the hotel and casino, and all the other wonderful things that Vegas has to offer.

  4. We however weren’t going to use a taxi service due to the past experience of being overcharged for fares when we went to other destinations for vacation.

  5. Unfortunately, we discovered that renting a vehicle could actually be more expensive than taking taxis around the city if you are not careful.

  6. However, we discovered little tips that can help anyone needing to rent a vehicle save some money.

  7. The first tip that vacationers should consider is checking different traveling websites such as Hotwire or Priceline.

  8. The reason for this is that even though you aren’t aware of whom the rental company is you tend to save some money there by bundling a trip with your flight.

  9. The next tip is to use a price tracking service.

  10. The benefit of this is that sites such as Autoslash.com will allow you to see rates for rental vehicles during the time of your trip, and will also alert you if the price goes down.

  11. This can be very beneficial for vacationers on a tight budget.

  12. Another tip that can save people money on the cost of renting a car is to use a car sharing service.

  13. The benefit of this is that companies such as Zipcar allow you to bundle the cost of vehicle rental with gas and insurance.

  14. This can save drivers a lot of money if they intend to do a lot of driving while on vacation, or if having coverage on their rental vehicle is a necessity.

  15. Tip number four is to rent outside of the airport.

  16. On average airports add ten percent to travelers overall rental fees, and this is double in Europe.

  17. This being said taking an available shuttle to your hotel and renting remotely can be less costly than renting a vehicle at the airport.

  18. Another tip for saving money on renting a car is to use the sharing economy.

  19. Some companies offer rental vehicles directly from the vehicle’s owner to the renting party.

  20. This can be cheaper than renting a car the traditional way, but renters assume the risk of getting a vehicle that may be dirty.

  21. With these tips vacationers can save money on their next vehicle rental.

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