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Social Media Marketing Services Company PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Media Marketing Services Company

Social Media Marketing Services Company

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Social Media Marketing Services Company

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  1. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING – 5 POINTS THAT CAN CHANGE THE GAME FOR YOU You do not need string of words to define Social Media because it is EVERYTHING. Promoting, sharing, marketing, selling, buying, connecting, posting, texting, checking-in – social media has become the center stage of our lives. So if you haven’t even started with your social media strategy, you are already behind. Social media marketing Services Company hand out following tips to create and update engaging content on the social media. 1.Plan The content on social websites and apps like Instagram, Pinterest, Face book and twitter is jeweled with vibrant images, interactive videos, and graphical posts which is enough to encourage the visitor to update a new post. If the purpose of your social media account is to promote your business, it becomes important to plan the post in advance (before posting). Reason – a large part of millions of active users will see that post and SEO companies in Delhi advice to place the best foot forward.

  2. 2.Target Audience Remember you are using social media as a business. So, your posts must differ from what an everyday user posts. The posts should be informing, engaging and entertaining. Setting a radar on the audience you want to target, design the content suiting their tastes. Platforms like Face book offers different editing and advertising tools to create the favorable content. 3.Share Posts Few posts on social media perform really well as compared to others. Even if the last post that scored maximum likes was weeks ago, it could be shared again with a new caption. This way the new users who haven’t interacted with the post earlier would also engage with that content. Sharing old posts or the posts from other popular pages is a great way to attract more traffic on the social media page and ultimately to the website.

  3. 4.User generated content So far we have talked about planning for the new content and sharing the older posts. But asking your followers or people who share the same interest to create posts for your page or account is something unique and way more engaging. Like you can initiate a contest asking the users who have liked your Face book page to post a picture with the product your business offers or you can ask them to start a live video with a hash tag. It will increase the user engagement with your brand and in return, you can offer them suitable rewards. 5.Images and Videos over Text Short videos counting up to 1 or maximum 2 minutes are in vague. Similarly are the catchy images with impactful hash tags (that most people would use to search content related to your business). GIFs and memes are the most entertaining visual content trending on these social media platforms including Face book, twitter or Instagram. This content has proven to engage much larger target audience that a simple textual post. Source:- change-the-game-for-you/