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Kids In Daycare PowerPoint Presentation
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Kids In Daycare

Kids In Daycare

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Kids In Daycare

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  1. Kids In Daycare

  2. Kids In Daycare Facility For a working parent the daycare facility they decide to put their children in is a decision that does not come lightly. They need to make sure the facility is safe, the workers are highly trained, and there are a number of activities that will teach and support their children as they develop. Storybook Kids Center provides high quality child care. The staff is highly trained on the education needs of children and will allow the parents to go to work knowing that their child is taken care of.

  3. Kids In Daycare Facility

  4. Kids In Daycare Facility Storybook Kids Center has different rooms for children of different age groups. They will take care of babies as young as three months old. Each baby will have a separate crib to sleep in and will be cared for. There are rooms for toddlers as well. There are a number of toys that they can play with as well as scheduled activities. In addition to these fun activities there are a number of activities designed to help the children learn. The small children will even learn how to get along with others.

  5. Kids In Daycare Facility This nursery will care for the children while their parents are at work. The staff is highly trained to make sure the children can learn and play in a safe place.

  6. CONTACT INFORMATION +1 (631) 661-4000 Story Book Kids, Inc 181, Sunrise Hwy West Islip, NY 11795