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Understanding All About PRP Therapy PowerPoint Presentation
Understanding All About PRP Therapy

Understanding All About PRP Therapy

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  1. Understanding All About PRP Therapy Lesser hair on head or bald patches is considered a bad mark on the personality; be it men or women. In fact, these patches are quite often seen on men, which drag them into dark pit of isolation. Of course, they are subjected to sarcastic remarks that tend to be a problem for them. So, Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP is an ideal hair treatment for them that adds to their hair growth and helps them in having better looking personality. PRP treatment is said to be a protein taken through whole blood, which gets centrifuged for removing red blood cells. The best thing about the protein is that it possesses higher growth factors as compared to the whole blood. Along with this, the process has been found effective in encouraging better healing prospects. Of course, it is a well-known fact that PRP therapy is an essential procedure considered important for the purpose of restoring hair that really looks natural. Taking note of the procedure involved, PRP is inoculated into the scalp for channelizing the growth factors in the blood cell for the natural stimulation process. The best thing about the procedure is that it has been considered optimum for men and women. Definitely speaking, the PRP process is considered natural and a safer option with the ability to grow the hair on natural basis. As it uses the patient’s own blood, the procedure is considered excellent for generating hair growth. And it really boosts the thicker hair growth for sure. Advantages of Getting PRP Therapy:       It is a non-surgical procedure. It requires multiple injections to be used. The process lasts for about 60 minutes only. The procedure is highly safe and give better results. It provides very quick recover time period. It gives exceptionally natural looking hairs Today, hair loss is a serious problem that requires to be dealt with care. As so many procedures have come up to channelize hair growth, PRP Therapy seems to be the most opted and easiest. It should be noted that the process is highly effective in hair loss and not hair transplant. So, the people willing to have voluminous hairs should opt for PRP Therapy. It is mandatory that the therapy should be conducted under the medical supervision of an expert dermatologist, who has the knack of dealing with complex cases too. This tends to increase the safety level of the process. For Enquiry Visit: - https://www.dermaclinix.in Contact US:- Dermaclinix the Complete Skin & Hair Solution Center FOR ENQUIRY CALL ON: +91-8588827963, +91-8882227080 South Delhi: - E-13, Basement, Defence Colony, Near Andrews Ganj Bus Stop, New Delhi, Delhi 110024 Ph. No. : +91 11 65457771