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Best Treatments For Hair Growth For Women

With years of experience of Dickson being a Hair Specialist, this presentation offers solutions & information to people going through hair loss medical condition for them to regrow their back with best hair loss products , best and natural hair loss treatments ./n

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Best Treatments For Hair Growth For Women

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  1. Best Treatments For Hair Growth For Women http://www.besthairlosstreatmenthub.com

  2. Introduction Each of our strands of hair grows by with reference to one centimeter each month. Ninety percent of our hair goes through a variety of stages of the hair growth cycle while 10% is at the immature phase. It is all through the inactive phase that our hair falls out. The frequent hair fall for a person is 50 to 100 strands a day is expected but further than that, there must be something wrong. There are numbers of causes of hair loss such as stress, poor nutrition, medications, thyroid dysfunctions, illness, fungal infections, hormonal problems, and menopause and child birth. Once you have this medical condition you lose your self esteem and you abandon all your day today activities, you will be ashamed of yourself but the good news is that, there are Best Natural Hair Loss Treatments to cure any kinds of hair loss problems you may be going through. Get all the best hair loss treatments, natural best hair loss remedies, natural hair loss treatments, natural hair loss homemade remedies, do it yourself natural hair loss treatments that are Inexpensive , besides, costly hair loss products that work perfectly and where to find professional hair transplant surgeons, all this for you to re-grow your lost hair back and go back to your passionate work and activities with head full of hair. http://www.besthairlosstreatmenthub.com

  3. Hair loss is a widespread occurrence that occurs in men and women; on the other hand, it is more disturbing for women because, one way or another, a woman without hair is totally objectionable, both to her and to others. This is why women turn almost obsessed about losing their hair and will go to great lengths to protect their manes from tightening. • The hair loss treatment for women is always unproductive unless the root source of the problem can be diagnosed from the very start. This is why it is enormously important that the cause is determined first. • The hair grows in 3 phases (every individual hair goes through each of 3 phases in its life time) • The three important phases are discussed below to know the causes of women hair loss.

  4. 3 Stages Of Hair Growth • 1st Stage –Anagen: Depending on the women, the first stage is the growing stage. The specialized name for this stage is the Anagen Stage. This is the first hair growth stage that starts in the papilla. It more often than not lasts up to eight years however, the period that hair lasts in this phase is absolutely determined by genetics. In this phase, papilla cells break up to replicate hair follicles. The hair follicles are deep into the dermis so that the hair can obtain its nourishment. On the other hand, it is important to note that 85 per cent of hair strands in women’s head is in the anagen phase. The longer a hair strand lasts in this phase, the longer and faster it will grow.

  5. 2nd Stage -Catagen: Also known as the transitional phase, this is the second phase of women hair growth that follows the anagen phase. Unlike in the anagen phase, hair in this phase does not grow. Naturally the women body triggers this phase to begin after a hair strand is done going through the first stage. In this phase, the follicle renews itself. This phase can last for about two weeks and the hair follicle disintegrates and shrinks after the blood supply is cut off. This means that the nourishment the hair gets is reduced. Despite the fact that hair does not grow in this phase, the hair follicle pushes up the terminal fibers thereby increasing its length. In other words, this is where women hair has grown out of the scalp and continues to grow long.

  6. 3rd Stage –Telogen: Besides known as the resting phase, the telogen phase is the third and final stage of women hair growth. It can last anywhere from one to four months whereby the hair and the follicle remain inactive. A small percentage of the hairs on women head is in this phase, that is ten to fifteen per cent. It is in this phase that hair loss which is otherwise known as shedding is experienced. After the hair follicle is through with this phase, another hair follicle is pushed up and the anagen phase begins hence starting the whole cycle all over again.

  7. The Duration Of Hair Growth Phases • The time that hair growth phases last will vary from one individual to the next. The percentage breakdowns of the hairs that are in each phase are listed as well. Follicle shape and color will typically affect how long these phases last: • Anagen phase – normally 2 to 3 years but can last up to 7 years with some individuals (up to 90% of the hairs are usually in this phase) • Catagen phase – 2 to 4 weeks in duration (1% to 2%) • Telogen phase – on average, this phases will last around 9 months (10% to 14%) • Each one of these phases has histological and morphological distinguishing features which the experienced hair replacement surgeon will be well aware of. There is a follicle formation that occurs prior to the start of the 3 phases which is commonly and technically referred to as follicular morphogenesis. Additionally and independent of the Anagen and Telogen phases is the shedding phase which is known as Exogen.

  8. Causes Of Hair Loss In Women • So how does that apply to women suffering from hair loss?Well it's when something goes wrong - either with the blood supply to the hair itself or with the phases that you lose hair.If the hair is incapable to get enough sustenance for some reason then the hair will not grow correctly – which result in thin wispy weak hair, or will not grow at all – this is seen as hair 'loss'. The causes of these can be: A) poor diet - not enough nourishment in the bloodB) poor blood circulation due to a general problem with circulation, or a tight scalp which constricts blood flow to the hair root.C) Physical or emotional stress which causes the body to redirect blood flow to more vital tasks.If the 3 stages of growth are knocked out of kilter this means approximately 80% of the hairs on women head should be in phase one) then too many hairs will be sent to stage 3 too speedily and at the same time - therefore lots of women suffering from hair loss fall out before they should giving rise to patches of baldness or more general thinning. This can be caused by:-A) Hormonal factors B) Shock/stress - again quite likely due to pregnancy/new family

  9. A perfect example of this form of hair loss in women is Chemotherapy where the poison sends all the hairs on patients head into 3rd stage and thus they fall out- when the chemo stops the stages right themselves again eventually and so the hair grows back.) • It's difficult to establish which of these is at the heart of the problem, or whether it’s a bit of everything. It's perfectly possible that the birth of woman child effected her hormones, and produced a physical shock/extra stress which could easily have sent the cycle of growth out of balance and that this hasn't righted itself, having added to that the pressures of motherhood and studying on the effect that has on your diet, your stress levels and your general health. Problems with woman hair and skin can be the body's early warning system so women should pay attention to diets and lifestyle if possible, also, postnatal and other forms of depression can cause hair loss (especially when undiagnosed or untreated). • Medication can have hair loss as a side effect so women should check that out as well if there is any medications been administered .

  10. Identifying the Right Treatments for Women • Women suffering from hair loss can get neck and scalp massage to improve blood circulation, either competently or just do it yourself with some nice oil, or even dry smoothness whenever you thinks about it during the day is better than nothing. (the scalp should move separately and freely over the skull if it doesn't then this suggests it's tight and won’t be helping the blood supply (and can give you headaches!) • 2) You can try to reduce stress levels and or learn some form of relaxation technique. • 3) You can also get a good quality vitamin mineral supplement from a pharmacy store and tell her conditions to pharmacist to know the right supplements to give . • 4) Woman must pay attention to her diet. • 5)Choice of shampoo....shampoos etc from the Chemist/Pharmacy store are only able to make the hair which is left thicker by adding stuff to it etc, so while it may be helpful to use products for thin/thinning hair from a purely cosmetic point of view, they won’t deal with the underlying problem.

  11. However, the NIOXIN system: Is a salon professional hair care brand specializing in hair thinning and hair loss? The consumer target is women and men who experience hair thinning. Nioxin hair treatment has three most important stages . The first,  is shampoo, followed by conditioner, and lastly the concentrated scalp treatment. All of these products contained antioxidants and vitamins, as well as special ingredients that work to purge dangerous DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) out of the scalp. DHT has long been associated to male pattern hair loss and even baldness in females. Nioxin does not have no side effects except for those who have sensitive scalps experiencing some effects in the form of minor skin irritation. Also women suffering from hair loss can scrub her scalp with fresh garlic. Or Iron capsules for 14 days and then multivitamin with a high level of iron daily. Using either of this will re-grow the hair you loss.

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