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Digital Marketing vs Conventional Marketing: Who Takes it All? PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital Marketing vs Conventional Marketing: Who Takes it All?

Digital Marketing vs Conventional Marketing: Who Takes it All?

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Digital Marketing vs Conventional Marketing: Who Takes it All?

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  1. Digital Marketing vs Conventional Digital Marketing vs Conventional Marketing: Who Takes it All? Marketing: Who Takes it All? The 21st century is an age that is considered to be a renaissance in the world of marketing., the terrific metamorphosis has been spotted in this new age and the dynamic transformations are still on the loose to make the world go crazy with unimagined possibilities. Since the 1950s it has been almost more than 60 years through which the word ‘marketing’ has seen many stages of evolution. In this discussion, we shall look into the forever-debated topic Digital Marketing vs Conventional Marketing. Traditional marketing of the 4Ps strategy fundamentally dominated every buying and selling concept. But with the revolutionary breakthrough of the internet, every existing concept got a digital makeover. The inception of the phenomena, digital marketing is not of ages old. It is an offspring of the modern, new age that runs on the guidelines of the ruling world – ‘internet’. The supremacy of digital marketing over traditional marketing can be best spotted in the field of career options. Millions of young aspirants are getting inclined towards learning digital marketing training knowing the fact quite clearly that, ‘digital is the future’. The World of Networking Channels The World of Networking Channels Being brutally honest, nothing else than networking works for real in today’s world. The ever-expanding market and a constant influx of multiple businesses every day, has created something more than a nail-biting competition amongst the marketers. So, what really matters here is the deciding element of which type of marketing has the better and far more reaching tenacity of networking channels. Traditional marketing applies to the channels of print, broadcast, direct, and telephone. Although these channels have proven to be extremely effective, yet the molding of the world into a digital globe has certainly changed the existing landscapes of marketing. The colossal share of mass

  2. appeal that comes with digital marketing is indeed a damn good competition for traditional marketers. One of the crucial lessons taught while preaching digital marketing training is how to procure the maximum revenue out of the various multi-channel digital platform. Online marketing caters to a huge audience and due to the popularity and dominance of the digital sphere, especially the social media, marketing goals reaches to all audiences irrespective of them being either a toddler or an elderly person. The Language of Statistics The Language of Statistics According to a recent report fetched out by the expert market analysts, almost 68% of businesses worldwide have shown their inclination and demand in revamping their business strategies through the digital gateways. The eminent fact of mass appeal and faster results proven through digital marketing is why businesses are tending to market more likely on the digital platform. Adding to this, social media is also a big factor for businesses opting to do digital marketing. Since social media marketing has been in trend for quite a time, and the massive amount of social media users hooked on to their online activities, the aspect, and longevity of digital marketing gets even more empowered. How traditional marketing crucially differs from digital marketing How traditional marketing crucially differs from digital marketing Here is a brief detailing (infographics) on how traditional marketing crucially differs from digital marketing in terms of marketing investment

  3. done for business promotions Traditional Marketing Traditional Marketing Digital Marketing Digital Marketing Digital marketing spreads over a mammoth space that covers the business presence on the overall internet domain including websites, email ids, social media and search engines. Traditional marketing mainly caters to the conventional marketing channels of print ads, outdoor ads, newspaper ads, TV, radio and such as. Digital marketing uses mechanical methods of algorithms that enhance customer targeting and reaches prospective web audiences as per location, age, interests etc. Due to the conventional rigidness, traditional marketing lacks behind in specific prospect targeting. Traditional marketing is basically The dynamic behavior of digital

  4. a one-way message system where the user feedback is absent and makes the overall marketing procedure quite static. marketing enables users to interact, modify, respond and share business ideas and services. Digital marketing is all about paying for the results you get. It is cost-effective and asks you to invest only for the campaigns that have caused interaction with interested web audiences. Traditional marketing is not cost-effective and can give you a nice pocket hunch without the concrete assurance of reaching the interested audiences. In traditional marketing, the reach to a vast segment of audiences is limited to only those global companies who can afford to invest in costly marketing strategies. The best part about digital marketing is its vast expanse of reach to all kinds of web users at a very economical price. Digital marketing is a systematic approach and therefore, the direct results of online campaigning can be tracked on basis of clicks, impressions, visits, and sales. Due to the conventional mode of traditional marketing, the results procuring from it cannot be measured accurately. The Growth of a Digital Market The Growth of a Digital Market Being quite an evident fact that the digital world is the future, many institutes have started giving out digital marketing training. But the catch is to know which one is the most sounded and most accredited one. DigiPro Crafts – Digital Marketing Training Institute, DPCTI is one of the finest digital marketing training institutes in Mumbai. Ensuring absolute top-rated digital marketing training sessions to countless aspirants, this institute has grown massively and stands tall today as a truly time-honored institution. In the world where the war is head on between an age-old tradition of conventional marketing and a young warrior with digital ammunition, the results are quite transparent to us! Accepting and moving on with the notion that the online marketing is the new-war lord of the marketing industry, would be not only a wise thing to do but also foreseeing the future and start preparing the combat against the odds.

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