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How to perform a Self-Prostate Massage PowerPoint Presentation
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How to perform a Self-Prostate Massage

How to perform a Self-Prostate Massage

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How to perform a Self-Prostate Massage

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  1. WelcomeToProstate Health

  2. How to perform a Self-Prostate Massage Self Prostate Massage

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  4. Is self prostate massage really effective?  • YES! Let us show you how to do it properly.

  5. How to perform a Self-Prostate Massage? • External Massage- Trimming and grinding the nails of your finger properly is extremely important. Then washing your hands with sterilizers before conducting the self prostate massage procedure is essential. • Then get your finger lubricated by liquid based lubricating gel, you may put some of those in your anus opening as well to experience smooth entrance of a finger. • Now gradually and gently insert one or two of your fingers inside your anal through the anal opening. After you have inserted the finger to some extent, you need to crook the finger at a particular angle until you can reach the outer walls of your prostate gland.

  6. It is, recommended that you discuss the massaging technique with your doctor. • During this self-prostate massage, if you feel any sort discomforts then immediately stop the process and quickly consult your doctor. • In order to avoid the internal self prostate massage, you can opt for the external one. • The external process is extremely easy and comparatively less cumbersome.

  7. We don’t want to state the facts over and over again, but it is true fact that prostate massaging can lower your risk of affected by prostate cancer to some extent. • It is the second most common form of cancer that is found in men now days, where lung cancer is the most common. • Massaging the prostate glands are regular basis helps stimulate the blood flow and also sends distributes nutrients and oxygen all over the prostate. • ou can find a seam running along the length of the perineum. Get your fingers back and forth along that particular seam till you can feel relieved. Once again, if you face any sort of discomfort, then do not force your way through. You should immediately stop the exercise and consult with a doctor as soon as possible.

  8. Either you take up the internal method or the external method of self-prostate massage, you must need to take care of the issues before the Prostatitis situation spirals out of your hand. • The Prostatitis is a very curable disorder and there is absolutely no need to feel embarrassed or maligned. There isn’t any social stigma attached to any kind of disease. • Society always needs to get rid of a particular disease – not the person who is suffering from the disease. Therefore, please take proper care of the disorder and cooperate with the doctors to help you leading a perfectly normal, healthy and social life.

  9. You can find a lot of articles which are related to self-prostate massage over the internet. • You have the option to through them so that you can have a brief idea about the fact before actually visiting a doctor. • This is extremely important that you search the websites and have a fair amount of idea on how self prostate massage is done. • There are also the forums where you can find out the experiences left by patients who suffered from the same disorder. • All these contents will surely going to be a morale booster.

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