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Your check list for the car buying process PowerPoint Presentation
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Your check list for the car buying process

Your check list for the car buying process

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Your check list for the car buying process

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  2. Your Check List for the Car Buying Process Preparations to walk you through the experience

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  4. The very last thing you want to do is show up on a car lot and tell the salesman you want to buy a car without doing your leg work first. • Having your ducks in a row, as it were, not only saves you time but a great deal of money and aggravation as well. • A salesman is there to help, but the more information you have going into a purchase the better off you will be. • Utilizing an online site such as can assist with your pre-buying research and help get you on the road for less money and in a faster time.

  5. Consider Your Financing • Chances are you will be financing your next ride. In order to make sound judgments on what you can afford, start by applying for pre-financing through the website. • Knowing what your financial situation is beforehand allows you the comfort of looking at cars you can afford with monthly payments in your budget, and removes the stress of going back and forth only to find the most convenient financing deal.

  6. Pre-approval of a car loan allows you to solicit offers from various banks and lending institutions, making it possible to choose the one that returns with the best deal. • Rates can fluctuate, as well as lending amounts, so be sure to have this taken care of before starting to look for a car.

  7. Trading In Your Old Car • Knowing what your trade-in is worth is also an important step in the process, as its value factors greatly in the monthly payments of your new ride down the line. • You can start by looking at the Kelly Blue Book values, but you’ll need to understand these are national averages and suggestions based on a good resale market.

  8. The next step in valuing your trade in is to research what the local market is for your old ride, and being honest as to its condition. • Of course you want the most for its trade in, but a dealership is going to offer what it is actually worth. • Getting a few different quotes from different dealers will help you know beforehand what a fair offer will be.

  9. Find the Right Dealership • Use the online resources available to you to check the reliability and customer service feedback on your selected dealerships. • Look for experience – on average, the experience of salesman related to the website is over ten years.

  10. These are people who know how to match a customer with the right vehicle at the right price. • Take your time, and when you’re ready, start scheduling your test drives.

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