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  1. Coherent Market Insights Market Research and Business Consulting Services COVID-19 Impact Tracker   MAGNESIUM OXIDE MARKET ANALYSIS  Magnesium Oxide Market, Magnesium Oxide Market (Refractory, Agriculture,  Industrial, Others), Refractory Agriculture Industrial Others (Dead Burned  Magnesia, Fused Magnesia, Caustic Calcined Magnesia), and By Region (North  America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa) - Size, Share,  Outlook, and Opportunity Analysis, 2019 - 2027           

  2. Magnesium Oxide Market 2017–2027  Magnesium oxide is a chemical compound with formula MgO and occurs           naturally as periclase. It is a source of magnesium and has a wide range of               applications such as it is used as an insulator in industrial cables and refractory                 materials for the production of ceramic, steel, and glass. It is also used in animal             feed for magnesium nutrition and in the production of fertilizers. Furthermore, it             is also used across the pharmaceutical industry in the formulation of antacid.           Additionally, it is also used as a pulp bleaching agent and due to its high               alkalinity, it also finds application across the wastewater treatment process and           flue gas desulphurization.                                                                                                                  The global magnesium oxide market ​is projected to reach around US$ 8.5 billion             by the end of 2027, in terms of revenue, growing at CAGR of 4.16% during the                 forecast period (2019-2027).                                Drivers  The growing demand for magnesium oxide from refractories is a prime driver           factor augmenting the market growth of magnesium oxide. According to the           Coherent Market Insights analysis, the refractory industry is one of the key         growth markets for magnesium oxide demand, which has been estimated to           account for 54.8% share in terms of overall consumption. In terms of end-use,               Iron and steel accounted for 74% share in terms of consumption of the overall             refractory end-use, followed by cement & lime with a 13% share.                                                                                    Increasing production of glass around the globe is expected to foster the market           growth of magnesium oxide. According to the Alliance Group 2019, in 2018, the           EU-28 glass production reached a volume of 36.5 million tons, a slight increase           of 0.2% compared with 2017. Magnesium oxide is used as a refractory brick in           the production of glass. Hence, the growing production of glass is projected to             augment market growth.                                                                                   On basis of the region, Asia Pacific region dominated the global ​magnesium               oxide market ​in 2018, accounting for 59.2% share in terms of value, followed by             Europe and North America respectively.                           

  3.   Figure 1. Global Magnesium Oxide Market, Revenue Share (%), By Region,  2018    Market Restraints  The availability of substitutes for magnesium oxide as a refractory application           across end-use industries is expected to restrict the market growth. For example,             alumina, chromite, and silica are being used as a substitute for magnesia across             the refractory application. Hence, increasing utilization of substitutes for         magnesium oxide is projected to hamper market growth over the forecast period.                                                  Side effects associated with the consumption of magnesium oxides such as           diarrhea and cramping is projected to hinder the market growth of magnesium             oxide. Sometimes, exposure of magnesium oxide also caused itching, rash or         hives, lightheadedness or dizziness, weakness, unusual fatigue, nausea, and         vomiting. This factor is expected to restrict the market growth of magnesium             oxide.                                                              Market Opportunities  Increasing demand for magnesium oxide for exterior and interior wallboards is         expected to propel the market growth over the forecast period. Magnesium oxide                                      

  4. is effective materials for the construction of energy-efficient and durable           buildings and also reduces the overall cost of construction. Hence, the growing             usage of magnesium oxide in the production of wallboards is expected to propel             the market growth over the forecast period.                                      Usage of MgO in wastewater treatment is expected to grow significantly over the               forecast period and this is expected to propel the market growth of magnesium               oxide. MgO is increasingly replacing lime as the pH balancer in the treatment of           wastewater industries as it serves the major purpose of precipitation and           neutralization of heavy metals. Therefore, the growing usage of MgO will favor         market growth over the forecast period.                                                                         Figure 2. Global Magnesium Oxide Market– Opportunity Analysis    Market Trends  The rising trend of using fuse magnesia in refractories is projected to foster the             market growth of magnesium oxide. Fused magnesia has excellent properties as           compared to DBM and is now highly preferred across refractory applications. It               has high magnesium content, larger crystal size, and higher density. Hence,           growing trend of using fused magnesia across refractories application will           positively impact the market growth of magnesium oxide.                                                              Increasing usage of magnesium oxide in the production of fertilizers is expected             to augment the market growth over the forecast period. The market is expected               to gain exponential growth on the account of increasing demand for fertilizers             due to the rising need for quality yield production. Hence, the growing demand                                                              

  5. for fertilizers is expected to foster the market growth of magnesium oxide.  Figure 3. Global Magnesium Oxide Market, Revenue Share (%), By Product  Type, in 2018    On the basis of the product type, the global magnesium oxide market, in 2018,                 the dead burned magnesia segment has accounted the largest market share of           56.6% in terms of value, followed by the caustic calcined magnesia and fused               magnesia.                                        Figure 4. Global Magnesium Oxide Market– Value Chain Analysis 

  6.   Competitive Section  Key players operating in global magnesium oxide market are Martin Marietta           Materials Inc., Grecian Magnesite S.A., Premier Magnesia, LLC, Ube Industries           Ltd., Robert Half International AG, Magnezit Group Europe GmbH, Magnesita           Refractories SA, Kumas Manyezit Sanayi A.S., SMZ, a.s. Jelšava, Xinyang Mineral         Group, Premier Periclase Ltd., and Israel Chemicals Ltd.                                                Few Recent Developments  Magnezit Group Europe GmbH  ● In Jun 2015, Company launched a new product line ‘Russian Magnezit TM’,             which includes DBM and FM, with MgO content 97% and above             

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