points to remember before laptop repair services n.
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Laptop Repair Services in Dubai PowerPoint Presentation
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Laptop Repair Services in Dubai

Laptop Repair Services in Dubai

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Laptop Repair Services in Dubai

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  1. Points to remember before laptop repair services: How to keep your machine and data safe Computers are such an important part of our lives that everything we own or have is listed on our computers, not to mention information about almost every part of our lives. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that anyone can know almost everything there is to know about us if they have our computer and date with them. While most of us realize this, what we don’t realize is that we put all of this data at risk of exploitation when we hand over our precious computers to the repair center. What we fail to understand is that while most of us assume that reputed service centers might be trustworthy, they are still operated by people who can tend to be unpredictable. Even if they are not unscrupulous and trustworthy like from Techno Edge Systems LLC, you may end up losing a lot of data if something unforeseen happens during the repair process, which can be equally difficult to manage since our lives virtually depend on our data. These are the following steps you should follow to make sure that both your machine and data are safe: 1.Don’t provide your laptop password unless necessary 2.Don’t delete your files like Operating System and antivirus unless necessary 3.Uninstall unnecessary software including settings, computer history and user data along with passwords. 4.Log out of all online accounts including email, social media, official profiles along with the browsing history from all browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome etc. You can even utilize a trusted browser history cleaner to make sure they cover any aspect you might forget to erase. 5.If there is any important information that can be difficult to replicate or recover, you should make sure to either make a copy of it on a hard disk or upload it to a cloud based service which you can get it back from once your laptop is repaired totally. 6.When you have managed your data in the above mentioned ways, you should then proceed to erase these files from your computer. This is for obvious reasons like protection from identity

  2. theft, misuse of personal images or any other data which can be used to track or manipulate your life by anyone. A better way is to use a shredding software that overwrites the pre-existing files with nonsensical data to ensure that the deleted files cannot be recovered. 7.If it is not possible or desirable to move certain files to a different location for any reason whatsoever, then you should make sure that you either encrypt them using a software or lock them from being accessed by anyone by setting up a password. Conclusion: Once you manage to perform all these operations, you should still hand over your laptop to only trusted and known names in the industry like to ensure security of your laptop and data.