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Indian slatestone tiles PowerPoint Presentation
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Indian slatestone tiles

Indian slatestone tiles

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Indian slatestone tiles

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  1. Slate Stone Roofing Pros and Cons Slates are essentially metamorphic rocks, which are noted for their homogeneous, foliated and fine-grained texture. The predecessor of slate is considered as sedimentary rocks of shale type that are composed of volcanic ash as well as clay.

  2. Use of Slate Stone in Roofing Slate stones can be made into roofing slates. The Indian Slate Stone Slabsforms one of the classic roofing materials. Slates can essentially be broken via two lines, viz. grain and cleavage. This feature helps the stone to be split into thin slabs or sheets that make them the perfect choice for roofing materials. Slates are essentially installed as roof shingles or roof tiles on the roofs of the buildings.

  3. Indian Slate Stone Suppliers advice slabs to be fixed on the roofs by two processes, which are either by nails or with hooks. Both the processes ensure that the slate tiles are fixed to the wooden beams of the roof. The nails and the hooks that are used in fixing the slate tiles were traditionally build of copper. However, with the advancement of technology alternatives of stainless steel or modern alloys have been used against rusting and natural weathering.

  4. The Pros of Slate Roofing • The first feature that makes slate roofing an instant hit is its appearance. It availability in various thickness, sizes and colors makes it more celebrated roofing material. • Durability is the key functional feature that makes slate a loved material for roofing purposes. It is said that slate roofs tend to last over a century with a lifespan of almost 150 years. • The most striking feature of slates roofing is that it requires minimum maintenance to retain its beauty as well as durability • Slates are considered as non-porous stones. This feature makes the stones resistant to damages caused by moisture and frost, thereby making them as a good choice in roofing. • Slates are fire-resistant as well, which provides excellent safety against any kind of airborne fires like wildfires, fireworks, etc. • Slate roofing is environmentally viable as well because of its durability and huge life span.

  5. The Cons of Slate Roofing • The primary disadvantage of slate roofing is the cost. For those who have a tight pocket, they might find slate roofs bit expensive, even though it provides efficient durability. • A very good professional is required to install slate roofing. Installation without professional help may result in disastrous consequences. • Slates are heavier materials. Therefore, before considering them for roofing materials the structural condition of the building should be considered. It is totally dependent on an individual as to whether they should consider their slate roofing after they have thoroughly gone through the pros and the cons.

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