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Проект "At an International Airport" PowerPoint Presentation
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Проект "At an International Airport"

Проект "At an International Airport"

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Проект "At an International Airport"

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  1. P r o j e c t " A t a n I n t e r n a t i o n a l A i r p o r t " Prepared: Yamakaeva Eliana

  2. ? My friend arrived in the UK. ? I have to help her in the international airport. ? It can have a lot of questions.

  3. What should she do? ? After exiting the plane, it is necessary to follow the signs of the arrivals area of the airport (arrivals area) in order to pass the passport control, item arrived Luggage claim and customs at the airport. It the procedure will take about 40 minutes. ? To ease the process of passport control at Heathrow airport there are two queues - one for EU citizens Union, and the second for other passengers who are citizens of other countries.

  4. What should she do? ? Arrival in the baggage claim posted monitor, where you can look for your flight, how did you know the number you want of the conveyor. For convenience the carriage of baggage, you can always use in the shopping cart. ? At customs for citizens of the European Union provides blue output. In the case of passengers from other countries that there are goods to declare, you must use the red exit, and green output is provided for the citizens of these countries without the presence of the goods necessary for

  5. She has to be careful ? It is allowed to carry liquids, gels and pastes of a capacity not greater than 100 ml ,put all of capacity in a plastic bag. ? It is prohibited to carry a blade longer than 6 cm. ? As well as need to know the laws of the country in which you arrive.

  6. Make a call from the pay phone ? In the UK, you can call from a public telephone booth (10 pence), but easier to buy a phone card in kiosk.

  7. Good journey, my friend!=)