2010 float building seminar n.
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2010 Float Building Seminar PowerPoint Presentation
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2010 Float Building Seminar

2010 Float Building Seminar

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2010 Float Building Seminar

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  1. 2010 Float Building Seminar

  2. WELCOME! The purpose of this presentation is to give you the necessary information for designing, constructing and entering a creative and entertaining float in the Homecoming parade. We’ll walk you through the float building process, show you examples of good and bad floats, and provide examples of local businesses that you can use.

  3. RULES & REGULATIONS • If your entry is a float, you must have at least one fire extinguisher readily available on it. You will be required to show the extinguisher before entering the parade. • A maximum of 10 people are allowed on any one float during the parade. • No float may exceed10 feet in width, due to clearance through the gates located along the parade route. Any deviations need prior approval. Remember that the power-lines along the route are about15 feet in height. • You must maintain a distance of 20 feet between floats. • Each entry may pause in front of the judges’ stand for a maximum of 15-20 seconds. • Once the parade has begun, no one is allowed to get off a float unless the parade has come to a complete stop. Once a participant gets off a float, he or she may not get back on at any time for the duration of the parade.

  4. RULES • No alcoholic beveragesallowed in the parade. If a member of Bobcats Senior Honorary finds alcohol on a float, the organization will immediately and unconditionally be pulled from the parade. • No participants in the parade shall display vulgar, offensive, or unsafe behavior along the entire parade route. • No participants in the parade shall throw or spray anything into the crowd along the parade route. If candy is to be distributed, please ensure that it is handed to parade spectators. • Note that a violation of any of these rules will result in disqualification from this year’s Homecoming as well as next year’s parade.

  5. WHERE TO BEGIN?? - Don’t leave it up to your pledges!!! - Newer members may have some good ideas for themes, but they typically lack the skills and experience to construct a good float.

  6. FLOAT DESIGN: • Brainstorm ideas that relate to the Homecoming theme, One for the Ages – 125th Celebration, as well as your organization’s accomplishments and values • Determine the size and type of float you wish to build (keep in mind width and height restrictions) • Consider what materials you may need to implement your design, the tools and resources you have available, and the individual abilities of your float committee • Come up with a budget

  7. BRAINSTORM • One for the Ages, can mean lots of different things to each organization. Think about what it means to yours. • Also think about the diversity of UofA and the accomplishments of its alumni. • We are playing the University of Washington • Remember, the more Wildcat spirit, the better! • Please keep in mind that there are many families and young children in attendance at the parade; please make sure that you use good taste. • Try to incorporate the UA Alumni Association’s tag line into your float (Wildcat for Life).

  8. Types of Floats SELF PROPELLED • Float that is built over a single vehicle i.e. The float propels itself TWO PART FLOAT • Float that is built with a tow vehicle and a trailer. This float is propelled by the external vehicle. PUSH FLOATS • Float built on large caster wheels or four-wheel cart platform. This float is propelled by human work.




  12. RECOMMENDED BUILDING MATERIALS • Flatbed truck • Trailer • Wood • Plywood • Plastic tarps • Foam board • Steel • Cardboard • Chicken wire • Styrofoam • Pipe insulation • Paper maché

  13. POSSIBLE DECORATING MATERIALS • Crépe paper • Tissue paper • Fabric • Outdoor carpeting • Party decorations • Floral sheeting • Festooning • Fringe • Paint • Floral arrangements Remember that floats should be colorful and eye-catching

  14. Valley Decorating 1-800-245-2817 Home Depot 3515 E. Broadway Blvd. 327-3050 Grant Road Lumber 2543 E Grant Rd. 795-4160 ACE Hardware 2884 N. Campbell Ave. 325-2432 Where to get Materials • Tucson Store Fixtures • 500 W Grant Rd • 623-0064 • Tool Rent Shop • 4620 W. Ina Rd. • 744-6333 • Nation’s Rental • 930 E Fort Lowell Rd. • 624-6601 • UHAUL • 4655 N Oracle Rd Tucson. • 575-5373 You can also use STUMPS – an online party store

  15. Examples of GOOD Floats!

  16. Examples of BAD Floats!

  17. Don’t Forget your Fire-Extinguisher

  18. Define the shape with the foam board or chicken wire.

  19. Pomp or add paper maché

  20. This is the most time-consuming part so get everyone involved.

  21. Add Paint where needed

  22. Finished Product

  23. FINISHING TOUCHES • Don’t forget the skirting and finishing touches to perfect your float. • Costumes for people on the float.

  24. RESOURCES • For more information about 2010 Homecoming, please visit the website: • For online float building instructions, Please visit

  25. BUDGETING • Establish a budget for construction materials. • Many local businesses are sympathetic and may contribute to your club’s cause. • Don’t forget about alumni donations.

  26. AWARDS Grand Marshall Best Overall Float Award 1st place: $200 cash prize 2nd place: $100 cash prize 3rd place: $50 cash prize

  27. PROGRESS MEETINGS • You are required to schedule a date and time for a Bobcat representative to check on the progress of your float construction and to make sure you adhere to your original sketch/description, as well as follow all the rules and regulations • These meetings will take place during the week of October 18 – 21 from 4:00 – 8:00 PM

  28. IMPORTANT DATES • Parade application, signed contract, parade drawing and payment for entry is due no later than Friday, October 8, 2010 at 4:00 p.m. at the Swede Johnson Building • When you turn all forms in you will be asked to sign up to have your float checked by the Bobcats the week of October 18, 2010. • During the check of your float, you will receive an envelope containing a map of your entrance station as well as any other prevalent information.

  29. CONTACT INFORMATION Bobcat Senior Honorary Parade Chairs: Daniel Ference 602-418-3569 • Brad Drea • • 602-692-4586 Alphonse Jacobellis 818-307-8069

  30. Have FUN & GOOD LUCK!!! The Bobcats would like to thank Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity for the use of several of the photos in this presentation.