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Scooter Information

Scooter Information

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Scooter Information

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  1. AMERICAN MADE ELECTRIC FOLDING SCOOTER BUYING TIPS HISTORY OF THE FOLDABLE ELECTRIC SCOOTER Electric Folding Scooter URB-E Electric Folding Scooter Reviews from the Heart for Individuals, Families, and Businesses URB-E Electric Folding Scooter: An Effective, Durable, and Lightweight Mobility Scooter that Cures Awful and Sometimes Painful Commutes (My Review) Why is the URB-E Electric Folding S cooter S o Effective…     URB-E Electric Folding Scooter is more effective than other foldable scooters. Its efficient design was created for commuters with very limited storage spaces. Eliminate the need to continuously use Public or Paid Transportation. This is not a gas scooter, it’s fully electric.

  2. S ome of the Key Features & Benefits of the URB-E:    100% Designed in Pasadena… 100% Hand Built in California… Gotta Love It!! 100% Made in the USA…  The URB-E Customer Service Department is stellar and extremely helpful…

  3. The URB-E was designed by S ven Etzelsberger who was a former Lead Engineer at Porsche…   It’s Built from carbon fiber, it’s an aircraft-grade aluminum… The URB-E is like your personal caddythat’s conveniently carried around like a suitcase…

  4. It’s a last mile transportation solution, you can easily carry the (35Lbs) lightweight URB-E up and down the stairs or even bleachers at a sporting event…   It’s very low profile, especially when walking through crowds… It’s Easy to Ride and Safe! CNET wrote: “Its battery can charge your iPhone 40 times”. There’s aBuilt in Phone Charger that comes with a USB dock to help you connect to your Tablet. You won’t have to worry about draining the battery if you’re using Waze or Google Maps or if you get lost… …the URB-E is a Beast and will keep you charged for the day! Residential Sidewalks and UrbanJungles are Key Winning Terrains for the URB-E!

  5. What Others Are S aying About the URB-E Electric Folding Scooter… “Finally American Quality! This scooter is built in the USA and it shows. After trying a few other “expensive” made in China brands, I gave up and tried URB-E and haven’t looked back! The scooter is AWESOME and rides amazing. The new PRO with the larger tires and stronger motor makes a huge difference in terms of ride and going larger distances. These scooters are built to last and the quality is absolutely amazing. I am finally glad to see an amazing product can still be built in the USA!” –Scott M. (Los Angeles, California) “Cut through traffic and avoid parking in San Francisco Cut through traffic and avoid parking in San Francisco. URB-E is super light and durable. I love how I can put it in the back of an UBER and in the back of my car without any hassle. Very high quality aircraft grade aluminum. I wouldn’t buy anything else for my commute. Thanks URB-E!” –Peter L. (San Francisco, California) Awesome customer service…amazing product!! I absolutely LOVE my URB-E. First of all, they ship to Hawaii, so that was an automatic plus! I have Leukemia and I am unable to drive. This amazing product has given me back some mobility independence. It handles the rough terrain and it is super easy to ride and handle! The team has the BEST customer service than any other that I’ve dealt with…including Amazon! (And we all know that Amazon will bend over backwards for their customers!) This team, based out of Pasadena, CA, go above and beyond to make sure their customers are happy…no matter what! I wish everyone in customer service was like this! Again, I LOVE my URB-E. It gives me the freedom I’ve been missing! (Plus I love be being able to ride to the ocean daily!) Mahalo to ALL of you. Your entire team is incredible!!

  6. (I did tons of research on this prior to purchasing, and I truly believe that I got the best product on the market. So if you’re on the fence about what to buy, I highly recommend the URB-E!!) –Diana M. (Keaau, Hawaii) I like it a lot so far. I like it a lot so far, the model I chose was the black label 2016 with a nifty color scheme. Mods already done, and it hasn’t been 24hrs! –Paul E.M. (Long Beach, California) Final Verdict: Is the URB-E Electric Folding S cooter Worth It? My Answer: Yes! Final Verdict: Is the URB-E Electric Folding Scooter Worth It? Answer: Yes! Bottom Line:  It will save you Hundreds and Thousands of Dollars because you will avoid traditional transportation costs. It’s a “MobilityDevice”, The URB-E is your Buddy because it can go where no car and motorcycle can! Such as the airport and college campuses. Folding and carrying it around makes it extremely easy to use, Lightweight, Portable, and Powerful. No need to worry or wait in line at the Gas Station. It’s Fun to Use and Operate!   Final Verdict: Is the URB-E Electric Folding Scooter Worth It? Answer: Yes!  

  7. URB-E Electric Folding S cooter F.A.Q. Q: Where to buy an URB-E Electric Folding Scooter? A: You can purchase by clicking here or through the manufacturer. Q: Is this the best electric commuter scooter that’s made in the U.S.A.? A: Yes, for the size, durability and battery charge, the testimonials also have many happy commuters. Q: Are there electric scooter lights available for the URB-E? A: Yes, there lights are considered accessories and can also be purchased. Q: Is this the smallest electric scooter being manufactured? A: This is one of the smaller electric scooters and most compact Mobility Devices on the market. Q: Is this the best commuter electric scooter? A: The URB-E’s design and weight make it one of the best, I know that this company strives to keep improving their products.

  8. Q: Can this be used as electric personal scooters in Airports, College Campuses, and Supermarkets? A; Yes, because it’s a certified Mobility Device. Q: Is this like a portable moped? A: No, mopeds aren’t generally foldable and the URB-E is and the URB-E doesn’t run on gas. Q: Is these long range electric scooters for adults? A: Yes, the battery will pretty much last you all day. Q: Is this an electric e scooter with seat? A: Yes, the URB-E has a seat that’s integrated. Q: Is this electric scooter in store? A: Yes, this URB-E can be purchased here and delivered to you. Q: Is this one of the latest electric scooters? A: Yes, it’s take a lot of design work to get to this model. Q: Is this a compact electric bike? A: No, this is a scooter that’s compact and extremely portable. Q: Is this a lightweight foldaway mobility scooter easy to take on trains? A: Yes, this easily snuggles under the trains seats.

  9. Q: Is this the cheapest electric scooter on the market? A: No, this scooter is like the Porsche of scooters, quality and craftsmanship is Superior. We are a participant in the Amazon S ervices LLC Associates Program (and other potential affiliate networks), an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.