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Top 5 Swimming Pool Safety Rules

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Top 5 Swimming Pool Safety Rules

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  1. Top 5 Swimming Pool Safety Rules Everclear Pools – www.everclearpools.com.au

  2. The swimming pool Adelaide is built for enjoyment with your family or friends. However, it is very much essential to keep them safe. How to make your pool childproof & ward off tragic accidents?  The blog talks about five safety rules to achieve high levels of safety. • Everclear Pools – www.everclearpools.com.au

  3. Pool & Spa Barriers The first line of defense is the installation of spa and pool barriers. Sometimes, local administration makes it mandatory. Before installing these barriers, get confirmation from the local authorities. It is your responsibility to keep the pool visitors free from the risks of a mishap. • Everclear Pools – www.everclearpools.com.au

  4. Install A Pool Fence • Fences around your pool should be four to five feet high. • Space between the fence should not be wide. The fence should not have openings more than 2 inches wide. • The holes or stones or cutouts in the fence should not be big to provide hand & footholds. • Chain link fences should not have mesh too large. If the mesh is large, then you should attach vertical slats to close the openings. • Structures near the fence allow kids from hopping the fence.

  5. Install Secure Doors & Gates Every pathway leading to the pool should have doors and gates. It prevents kids from accessing the pool without getting noticed. Install gate alarms that will sound a signal when the gate is open. • Everclear Pools – www.everclearpools.com.au

  6. Pool Cleaning Cleaning is vital to keep you safe from the hazards of infection, but it is equally essential to check the quality of the cleaning. Mishandling of chemicals may cause health issues such as skin irritation. Pool cleaning chemicals must be kept out of reach of kids. Keep them at some other place where you don’t put any other cleaning material. Avoid spilling of pool cleaning chemicals. If it happens, then clean it immediately. Do not let dirt, dust, or dried leave accumulate in the storage area. It may cause fire hazards. Never use pool cleaning chemicals without proper knowledge. Ask the dealer if you have any doubts.

  7. Implement Pool Safety Rules Experts say that 100% pool safety can be ensured only of parents are always vigilant about it. Never let the kind enter the pool unattended. They should never play near pool jets or drains. Do not let them run around the pool. Are there diving boards or slides? Some experts recommend not to have them in a domestic pool. They say that it is impossible to follow safety standards in a household pool. Floats or lifejackets can avoid a mishap, but they are just secondary safety items, don’t forget it! • Everclear Pools – www.everclearpools.com.au

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