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How to attract customers for your company app? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to attract customers for your company app?

How to attract customers for your company app?

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How to attract customers for your company app?

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  1. How to attract customers for your company app? The app world has changed since its inception. Thousands if not tens of thousands of app development companies have emerged and made their name in the past years, as more and more people started affording to buy smartphones. There are two major operating systems, each having its own app store where development companies or individual coders upload their apps: Android and iOS; but, what next? Many entrepreneurs and enterprises spend a lot of time and money to create the perfect mobile app, and yet the work is not done here. They have to invest more money to promote the app, pay for all the advertising and promotional campaigns. But still the app is downloaded by only a handful of users, why did this happen? Well, app business is quite a tough nut to crack and only a few hundred apps ever made it huge but this doesn’t mean that you’ll fail. It simply means that when you succeed you’ll be among the ultra-rich companies benefited by the app industry.

  2. Are there any other ways to attract customers? I’m glad you asked. The answer is a bright, smiling, exciting YES!!!!! Many businesses start from scratch and make it huge but they all know 1 important thing. Promoting your product is as important if not more than building the product itself. So the efforts and strict input that you gave in the app development project needs to be maintained in the app promotional stage. Besides hiring the best app developers you also need a team of expert marketing individuals who can make the likes and share rain on your mobile app. How can I make people love my mobile app? Attracting customers with a mobile app is tough but not difficult. You need to just understand how your users think and work. Just imagine yourself in the place of your (potential) users. Would you download and use an app just because you randomly saw a small add or pop-up on some website. The answer sadly is NO. So what can you do to win your users’ hearts? Learn Where to Sell Your app could be the best in the world but if it's not promoted enough, its fate is doomed. But this doesn’t mean that you blindly advertise your app on every first website that you see. You need to understand where your majority userbase surfs on the internet. For instance, the mega-successful dating app Tinder’s prime userbase are youngsters, hence they opted to advertise on social media sites but more specifically on Instagram which is the most “in-thing” amongst youngster these days. A Demo Video Promoted On Social Media A picture is worth a thousand words but no one has time for boring banners hence you need to shoot interesting app demo videos for your users. The length shouldn’t be more than 30 seconds. Just apply the principles of Simon Sinek's Golden Circle: Why, How and What does your app do. Then upload the video on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and all other sites where people would put their eyeballs on.

  3. Never Miss The Chance To Impress People always judge a book by its cover and an app by its screens. A beautiful user interface will always convince a user to download the app. It's simple psychology that people relate that if something looks good on the outside, it’s surely a sign that it's easy and well- structured to use inside. Loyal Customers Need Loyal Programs If your startup can afford to host customer loyalty programs then it is a very strong way to retain customers. Many startups and enterprises use automated reward applications for long-term customers. Such customers are offered gift cards, loyalty points, and coupons that they can use to redeem services or discounts. Upload Your App To An Alternative App Store There are other stores where developers upload their applications or games that are compatible with various operating systems if you didn't know. It is believed that app uploaded on a lesser known app store brings in 200% more downloads than on Google Play. Final Word A market is never down only the source that you are approaching is. You need to keep innovating with your marketing and sales plans just as you do for your app’s development. These were some pointers on how you can increase your app’s user base and revenue. If you need a proper plan of action for marketing your app then it is advisable to go with an app development company who also has a team of expert marketers. Connect with Us Website: