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Pictures Of Positive Pregnancy Tests PowerPoint Presentation
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Pictures Of Positive Pregnancy Tests

Pictures Of Positive Pregnancy Tests

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Pictures Of Positive Pregnancy Tests

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  1. False Positive Pregnancy Test Was there been a time when you saw that two lines on a home pregnancy test, only to find out that it was after all, a false positive pregnancy test? It must have been very disappointing for those who were trying and expecting a baby and a bit of a relief for those who are unprepared for responsibility. Having a false positive pregnancy test can be attributed to many factors. Sometimes, a woman may get a positive result on a home pregnancy test but she is not actually pregnant.

  2. Among the possible reasons is the improper testing using the home pregnancy kit. Like any other kit, equipment, gadgets, and other stuff, it is always best to read the instructions before using it. The home pregnancy test instructions will state when the test results should be interpreted and until when is it valid. In testing, be sure to use a clock or a watch. Record the time when you do the testing and read the results exactly the time as instructed. False Negative Pregnancy Test

  3. Another reason why false positive pregnancy test occurs is because of the following circumstances: Fertility treatment: If you are going to obtain shots of hcg or the gonadotropins for ovulation, it is possible that the urine or the blood pregnancy test conducted will give you a positive result wherein actually you are not. This happens because the rising of blood hcg level greatly affects or indicates pregnancy. Pregnancy Test Online So, if you will not be careful and critic in using the pregnancy test, it is not impossible for a false positive pregnancy test to come out.

  4. Also, chemical pregnancy is a factor for a false positive pregnancy test to occur. This is a pregnancy giving a positive pregnancy test however the embryo or the fetus do not build up specific rare medical conditions like trophoblastic disease, chlordiazepoxide or the promethazine. These conditions can give you a false positive pregnancy test result. Website -