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PremiSys Setup Review

PremiSys Setup Review

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PremiSys Setup Review

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  1. PremiSys Setup Review The following sequence presents the minimum configuration necessary to obtain an “Access Granted” in a newly installed PremiSys system. Remember, your system settings may differ for reader type, card format, controller address, etc; and not all system settings are covered. PremiSys Setup Review ends with trouble-shooting tips for fixing the most common card failure transactions. Our goal is to produce an “Access Granting” transaction. Let’s begin…

  2. Contents First-Time Users: Please press <Enter> to move from start to finish. Press <Backspace> at any point to back up. Returning Users: Click a topic name below to jump ahead Go to Access Settings Create 24/7 Time Zone Activate Card Format Configure Card Database Add Site Add Channel Add Controller Add I/O Board Edit Reader Edit Door Set up Access Group Download Controller Create Card Assign Card Access Rights Test the CardTrouble-shooting Tips

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  4. Present card; see “Access Granting”

  5. Host Offline – check settings for: channel (COM), controller, and I/O board No transactions at all – download (also required after system setting changes) Reader beeps, but no transactions appear – check Weigand pulse in reader setup “Invalid Card Format” – check card format setup, confirm format is assigned to door “Invalid Site Code” – check door’s card format(s), update format w/correct site code “Card not in Controller” – assign the card number to a cardholder “Card has no access at anytime” – assign an access group to the card “Access denied: Invalid time” – check time zone and/or access level settings Can’t find cardholder to update card – Go to navigator, click , search by name Card database error – create/modify one and/or assign one to the controller Wrong lock relay, door position input, and/or RTE are associated with the reader – “Generate Door” feature assumes the first reader’s associated points are: first relay is door lock; first input is RTE; second input is door position. (If different, update settings in the “Door” tab in the door setup window.) Trouble-shooting Tips