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Waukesha South Competition Pool A Collaborative Proposal for Wisconsin Swimming, Inc.

November 2003 Waukesha South Competition Pool A Collaborative Proposal for Wisconsin Swimming, Inc. Executive Summary

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Waukesha South Competition Pool A Collaborative Proposal for Wisconsin Swimming, Inc.

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  1. November 2003 Waukesha South Competition PoolA Collaborative Proposal for Wisconsin Swimming, Inc.

  2. Executive Summary • Competitive swimming facilities in Wisconsin are aging and safety standards are becoming increasingly stringent. These factors threaten to make many existing competitive pools obsolete. • Participation in competitive swimming and diving is rapidly growing and current demand exceeds the capabilities of existing public facilities. • The Waukesha School District and the Waukesha Express Swim Team have seized a unique opportunity to expand an “as-is” replacement of the Waukesha South High School pool into a quality competitive swimming venue. • Waukesha Express is working to raise in excess of $1 million to supplement approved School District funding of the facility. • Wisconsin Swimming, Inc. can participate in this campaign and invest in the growth of competitive swimming, while receiving financial benefits from that investment. Prepared by Waukesha Express Swim Team

  3. Area Competitive Facilities The number and availability of quality competitive venues will present challenges as the popularity of swimming continues to grow • Only a handful of pools in the state have the facilities and seating capacity to host large meets like the State Championships • UW-Natatorium, Schroeder, Carthage • These facilities, while outstanding, can present some challenges • Availability, age, location, parking, hotel space, seating, etc. • Adding a venue where quality meets could be held will provide a boost to swimming in the state • Across the state, city and school district budgets are stretched, and significant capital expenditures will be rare • We must maximize the impact of those rare opportunities Prepared by Waukesha Express Swim Team

  4. Waukesha South Pool There is a clear and immediate need to replace the South High School Pool. • The pool at Waukesha South High School is 43 years old, and well past its expected life • Condition of pool and equipment is deteriorating, and the pool is extremely costly to maintain • Scheduled for replacement starting in March ‘04 based on approved 2001 city-wide referendum • Despite its condition, the South Pool is the center of competitive swimming of Waukesha • Offers larger capacity spectator seating than other Waukesha pools, although many seats are obstructed view • Serves as the home meet pool for Waukesha Express Swim Team • Current plans call for a simple “as-is” replacement of the pool • Referendum, while obviously welcome, provides limited funding of approximately $1.3 million • Funding covers a six lane, twenty-five yard pool with limited deck space and a minimum of spectator seating Prepared by Waukesha Express Swim Team

  5. Enhancing the South Competition Pool An “as-is” replacement of the South pool would not address existing shortcomings as a competitive venue, and a golden opportunity would be missed. • Money is being raised to enhance the “as-is” replacement • Expanded to a ten lane, twenty-five yard by twenty-five meter pool • Combined spectator and deck seating capacity approaching two thousand people • Moveable bulkhead • Upgraded timing system and scoreboard • Remodeled locker room and storage space • Mechanicals, climate control and infrastructure Prepared by Waukesha Express Swim Team

  6. Collaborative Funding Approach A coalition of local government and private groups and individuals is teaming to financially support the proposal. • Allocated $1.3 million from 2001 referendum for South pool replacement. • Raising in excess of $1 million to enhance School District replacement plans • Wisconsin Swimming, Inc. can be a valued member of the team Prepared by Waukesha Express Swim Team

  7. Benefits for Wisconsin Swimming, Inc. Wisconsin Swimming, Inc. will realize a significant return on any investment. • An additional quality competitive venue provides room for growth of the sport, and flexibility in scheduling major events • Preferential scheduling of Wisconsin Swimming, Inc. meets and swim camps • An additional quality venue that any swim club can rent to host meets • For a donation of $25,000 • The Waukesha School District and Waukesha Express will waive facility and rental fees for two meets a year for two years. We will waive additional rental fees for larger donations • Wisconsin Swimming, Inc. is entitled to highly visible and permanent naming recognition over one of the ten swim lanes and on a memorial plaque in the facility • We will be able to configure the pool for eight lanes of racing and two lanes for warm-up/warm-down in the same building, without having to charge additional facility rental fees • We anticipate that in buying new timing equipment, we will negotiate a number of free, on-site support days from the vendor. We will work to schedule these days during the LSC meets, thereby passing that benefit on to Wisconsin Swimming, Inc. Prepared by Waukesha Express Swim Team

  8. We Would Like to Count on Your Support • Donations are tax deductible through the Waukesha County Community Foundation • Pledges can be made in annual payments up to five years and the first installment can be deferred to early 2004 • If the facility is not built as described (ten lanes, seating approaching 2000, etc.), then any donation commitments by Wisconsin Swimming, Inc. are not binding • Questions? Prepared by Waukesha Express Swim Team

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