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Florida Real Estate Broker License PowerPoint Presentation
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Florida Real Estate Broker License

Florida Real Estate Broker License

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Florida Real Estate Broker License

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  1. We offer real estate pre-license, post-license and state-mandated continuing education courses in a comfortable and intimate classroom setting, with classes lead by some of the top real estate educators in the business today. Florida Real Estate License An exciting career in Florida real estate starts here!

  2. Florida Real Estate Licensing Our real estate courses are second to none and we take great pride in our record and our student pass rate. We encourage you to see what our students have said about their experience with us and please take time to explore the resources we offer for both those, Who are contemplating a career in real estate and industry professionals who have been in the business for decades.

  3. Florida Real Estate Licensing • Real Estate Associate License • 63-Hour Pre-Licensing Course • 45-Hour Sales Post-Licensing Course • 14-Hour Continuing Education Course • Real Estate Broker License • 72-Hour Broker Pre-License Course • 30-Hour Brokerage Management Course • 30-Hour Real Estate Investment Course • 60-Hour Broker Post-Licensing Course • 14-Hour Continuing Education Course • Reactivation Education • 28-Hour Real Estate Reactivation

  4. Florida Real Estate Broker License In order to list property and transact real estate business on behalf of someone else, you must first obtain a Florida Real Estate license. If you have not previously been a real estate agent in Florida, or a reciprocating state, you will have to start out as a Real Estate Sales Associate (also called an Affiliate-Broker in some states) and work for a licensed broker for at least two years before moving ahead to get your real estate broker’s license. Initial requirements Applicants must be at least 18 years old and hold a high school diploma in order to apply for a real estate license. Submit application to Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) Candidates must submit the application for a license before registering for the pre-licensing course and include an electronic copy of fingerprints with the application fee.

  5. Complete pre-licensing course. The course of study approved by the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) consists of 63 classroom hours, which can be taken in person or online. Candidates can apply for a license anytime within two years of taking the course. Florida Real Estate Broker License Out of State Real Estate Licenses Under the Mutual Recognition Agreement, out-of-state applicants who are licensed real estate agents or brokers in their resident states can apply for a license in Florida. These candidates need only pass the Florida law portion of the exam. Passing grades Candidates must pass the Real Estate Sales Associate exam with a grade of 75 or better. Out of state Applicants taking the Florida Real Estate Law Exam need a grade of 30 or higher.

  6. Activate your Real Estate License. Upon passing the exam candidates submit a RE-2050-1 form at the examination site to obtain a Florida Real Estate License. Otherwise, candidates can send the form to the Division of Real Estate in the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Florida Real Estate Sales Associate License Post-licensing courses To remain active, real estate agents must complete a post-licensing course approved by the FREC before their license expires. This course consists of at least 45 classroom hours. The post licensing course may also be completed in a classroom setting or online.

  7. Florida Real Estate Sales Associate License Are you ready for the increased income and recognition that comes to those who hold a Real Estate Broker’s License in Florida? Not all real estate schools are created equally so go with the recognized leader in training for new licensees and continuing education in the Florida real estate industry!

  8. Florida Real Estate License If you are a 'people person' and you are interested in learning about the ins and outs of the real estate industry, then being a real estate agent just might be a lucrative career for you. So why do you need to be a 'people person'? The first, and most important reason, is that real estate agents act as a mediator between home sellers and the buyers. You need to be acquainted with the immediate neighborhood so that you will know which families or homeowners are interested in buying or selling properties. Also, you should have the ability to help couples, families or individuals look for a home which fits their needs, taste and budget. Such is the nature of a career in real estate and if you can picture yourself doing these tasks on a daily basis, then the next thing that you need to do is obtain a real estate license.

  9. Florida Real Estate License For inquiries please visit: