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Send Flowers to Delhi | Flowers Delivery in Delhi - Florist in Delhi PowerPoint Presentation
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Send Flowers to Delhi | Flowers Delivery in Delhi - Florist in Delhi

Send Flowers to Delhi | Flowers Delivery in Delhi - Florist in Delhi

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Send Flowers to Delhi | Flowers Delivery in Delhi - Florist in Delhi

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  1. Send Flowers to Delhi with Goodies like Candles, Cards, Soft Toys, Cushions, Key Rings Etc Delhi is the next industrial hub of the nation after Mumbai and is slowly becoming a hub of the flower business. The flower business is blooming at full place the national capital and the area around it. The small florists in Delhi and the big e commerce companies have joined hands and is seeking to revolutionize the flower market in India. Recently, the business landscape in India has revolutionized with the market going online. From consumers in big metros like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata to consumers in small towns like Shimla, Fraidabad, Gwalior etc. have started ordering online. Gone are the days when you used to send flowers to Delhi manually.

  2. The e commerce companies have entered almost all genres. From clothing to footwear to furniture to electronics – it has brought everything on the interface. The most recent space it has entered in the flower business. Seeing the rising living standards of the population and the consequent increase in demand of fresh flowers, the e commerce companies have made this move.

  3. A normal, young aged person in India prefers to gift flowers to his family or friends. Everyone wants to be elite and feel elite and flowers somehow represent this. This led to huge demand in flowers and mushrooming up of various florists in every nukkad. Now the ecommerce giants partnered with these florists in Delhi; the model works as- You go to the interface of an e commerce company, order flowers. The e commerce company books your order and forwards it to the florist who is nearest to the place of delivery. You get your flowers easily, the florists sell easily and the ecommerce makes money easily.

  4. These biggies in addition woo their customers with goodies like candles, cards, soft toys, cushions, key rings etc. You can get different types of hampers. Sometimes it is just a pack of chocolates and flowers. Now you can send flowers to Delhi without taking out any special time from your schedule. Just open your computer, land on the relevant website and order.

  5. One more area, other than gifting where e commerce has used the florists in Delhi is the Wedding business. The wedding planners have launched their websites and have also started featuring top notch florists in Delhi. The consumer just needs to mark his choice and the same florist will do his/her wedding decoration. Again, a win – win for each party. Fore Info Call - +91-92136-92137 Visit