tired of paying house mortgage payments contact n.
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Tired of Paying House Mortgage Payments? Contact GVC Property Solutions Inc. PowerPoint Presentation
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Tired of Paying House Mortgage Payments? Contact GVC Property Solutions Inc.

Tired of Paying House Mortgage Payments? Contact GVC Property Solutions Inc.

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Tired of Paying House Mortgage Payments? Contact GVC Property Solutions Inc.

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  1. Tired of Paying House Mortgage Payments? Contact GVC Property Solutions Inc.

  2. “I am sick and tired of how much money I spend on my mortgage” “If I didn’t have a mortgage payment my life would be amazing” “If only there was a way to pay my mortgage off more quickly” “I can’t invest in real estate until I pay off my personal residence” A residential mortgage is one of the largest expenses that many people will take on in their lives, however, a mortgage may be one of the least understood forms of debt that people commit to without fully understanding how a mortgage works. Many people do not understand or do not want to confront the reality that rising interest rates combined with market conditions will affect the average mortgage holder being able to continue to comfortably manage their mortgage payments each month. More often than not, a monthly mortgage payment and other property expenses eats a very large part of most people’s monthly budget, leaving many people in a stressful situation by having to live paycheck to paycheck along with not be able to set aside money each month for any savings or future retirement. Canadians today are paying the lowest mortgage rates seen in records going back 66 years, however, interest rates are also on the rise. It isn’t just Canada; interest rates worldwide are at their lowest in recorded history, according to the Bank of America.

  3. Almost a million Canadians wouldn't be able to handle even a one percentage point increase in the interest rate they pay on their debts, new research says. According to a report from credit-monitoring firm TransUnion, 26 million Canadians have some form of debt, including mortgages, lines of credit, and credit-card debt. The average debtor, the company says, has 3.7 different credit products. The average Canadian owes $21,348.00, Statistics Canada says. Company research further states that roughly 718,000 of those people wouldn't be able to keep their financial heads above water if their interest rate went up by as little as 0.25 percentage points. And another 253,000 on top of that would go under if the rate they must pay on their debt increased by a slightly larger amount — a full percentage point. Considering that interest rates are currently at record lows, that's a precarious position to be in. "Hundreds of thousands of borrowers traditionally believed to be low-risk consumers may suddenly become risky," said Jason Wang, TransUnion's director of research and industry analysis in Canada.

  4. TransUnion estimates that roughly seven million Canadians have a variable rate on their debt, a little over a quarter of all accounts. That's a group that's especially vulnerable to a rate hike, as the impact of any rate move is immediate. "It is unfortunate almost a million Canadians would struggle if mortgage interest rates increased even a small amount," said Jeffrey Schwartz, executive director of Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada. "I know cutting back on expenses may be tough from the outset however every little bit helps. It can be a difference between managing or struggling with your debt load." If you are struggling with your debt load each month, would it be worth the effort to get out of your mortgage payment while still protecting your equity in the property and credit? Imagine the options and relief that would open up to you financially if you did not have to keep paying the monthly expense of your mortgage payment and other property expenses that come along with being a mortgage holder. If you require help to relieve financial stresses around real estate, there are strategies to help you get out of your mortgage payment quickly.

  5. Our Company, GVC Property Solutions Inc. is a real estate investment Company that helps people who are struggling with their mortgage payments. We take over mortgage payments from clients who need relief from their mortgage or property situation for any reason. GVC Property Solutions take over mortgage payments foreclosure for those who are having mortgage problems and require solutions. No matter what your situation is, we take over mortgage payments and the property associated with it. • Common situations we take over mortgage payments from clients include; • You are having difficulty making your mortgage payments each month • You are making payments on two or more properties • You have a house that is too costly to maintain • You have a house that is too stressful to manage • You are tired of being a landlord and dealing with landlord tenant disputes, tenancy issues and tenant problems • You are an out of town owner and you don’t want to be a long distance landlord • You are making payments on a vacant property • You are dealing with the stress of an unwanted rental property • Your property is in need of extensive repair that you do not have time or money for

  6. You need an immediate and flexible solution due to a job transfer or for any other reason • Your property has been listed with a Realtor for many months and hasn’t sold • You are divorcing and need to sell • You are facing pre foreclosure • Financial stress that requires an immediate sale of your residential property • You want to avoid bankruptcy or a consumer proposal • Your listing has expired with your Realtor • You have minimal equity but need to sell now • Your house is too big or too small and you need a convenient and flexible solution • Your strata property has Rental Restrictions and you are experiencing difficulty selling due to strict Strata Bylaws • Stigmatized properties We take over mortgage payments in Vancouver, BC, the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, North Vancouver, West Vancouver or Squamish, BC. Our Company offers a wide range of creative solutions to help relieve financial stresses around real estate without charging fees or commissions.

  7. Take Over Mortgage Vancouver BC We buy houses on Terms by taking over your mortgage. When we take over mortgage payments, we provide you with monthly cash flow management solutions to an unmanageable or unwanted mortgage and property situation. We help relieve your financial stress around real estate along with protecting any equity you may have in the property without charging you any real estate fees or commissions. Our job is to provide you with immediate financial relief and peace of mind regarding your mortgage and property situation. Our Company provides flexible, pre-negotiated terms that can give you the best value for your property and can provide you with more money with none of the hassles normally involved in selling. Contact us to discuss what solutions we can provide to your real estate situation. We provide free consultation to discuss the different options that are available to you. We are available 7 days per week including evenings until 9:00 pm. Call 604-812-3718 or email: You can also contact us 24 hours a day through our Confidential Form (click here).