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The ministry of Radio CCM in Poland

The ministry of Radio CCM in Poland. Mission. To present the message of Jesus Christ, in a way that makes it relevant and attractive to contemporary Poles, by the means of media and music. All Glory belongs to the Lord!.

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The ministry of Radio CCM in Poland

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  1. The ministry of Radio CCM in Poland

  2. Mission To present the message of Jesus Christ, in a way that makes it relevant and attractive to contemporary Poles, by the means of media and music

  3. All Glory belongs to the Lord! • We never dreamed, planned nor expected that God would bring us to the place where we now find ourselves • The growth came step by step. As each new opportunity arose we seized it and tried to use it in the most effective way, always remembering that we needed to be above reproach in our stewardship of God's provision. • Finding ourselves stretched far beyond our natural abilities, we had no alternative but to rely on God's wisdom and provision while we concentrated on being faithful servants.

  4. Objective • To see, and help in, the growth of God's Kingdom • It is a team effort; • Accepting that we must help to train and be prepared, one day, to give way to the next generation of leaders.

  5. 1975 • The founding of the gospel music group “DEOdecyma” (Ten For God)‏ • Gospel concerts all across Poland • Distribution of Bibles and tracts. (Brother Andrew); • Bible study courses by mail • Setting up home groups for prayer & Bible study • Starting production of gospel music cassettes.

  6. 1986 In addition to continuing the previously mentioned activities: • Opening a professional multi-track recording studio in the town of Wisla, to be known as DEOrecordings. • Starting a Christian record label • Installing a professional cassette duplication plant • Building up a distribution network to churches and other outlets • Promoting & organizing seminars and training weeks for Christian groups and musicians (started in 1984)‏

  7. Studio DR site in Wisla, today...

  8. Recording session in Wisla...

  9. Studio DR, Wisla, today...

  10. 1989 Freedom returns to Poland! • We began importing Christian music from all the major Western labels • Expanding distribution of Christian music via church and secular channels. Opening an Internet shop • Organizing and promoting concerts, festivals and conferences all across Poland • Recording, and on-site copying and sales, of Christian conferences • Entering into international cooperation with various organizations (e.g., BGEA, FotF, 3xM.)‏

  11. 1997 – CCM era • The first Radio CCM transmission goes on the air. It covers the town, and surrounding area, of Oswiecim (Auschwitz.) This with the help of mission partners HCJB Global (USA)‏ • Over the next 10 years Radio CCM began broadcasting from transmitters in Ustron-Wisla, Bielsko-Biala, Gliwice, Cieszyn, Chorzow. • At present, the potential audience in the area of Silesia covered by CCM stations is 4 million people. The present (but growing) number of confirmed weekly listeners (as per SMG-KRC research) is 300,000.

  12. Auschwitz, the Nazi death camp

  13. The chimneys of the factory that produced the fatal gas for Auschwitz, now the site of Radio CCM's antenna ...

  14. Gliwice, CCM “on the air” studio

  15. 2005 • Establishing in US a 501 (c3) status organization called New Europe Communications • Developing a comprehensive, on-line reporting tool based on Novell Virtual Office for total transparency and clarity, (updated weekly); • Continued growth of international ties with, among others, Moody Bible Institute, Northwestern College, International Leadership Institute, HCJB Global, Pacific Garden Mission. • In accordance with, and sometimes slightly anticipating, current trends; an increasing presence on the Internet. • Co-organizing with US Horizon church, and promoting via Radio CCM, two major events, both called “Festival Of Life”. One in 2004, one in 2006. These events attracted tens of thousands of people.

  16. Festival of Life, 2006, Wisla, Poland

  17. It is not about us! • It is about God working in Poland in our days! • Poland is a great mission field, 95% Catholic, some nominal, many very serious about their faith. But very few have a personal relationship with Christ as their Saviour and friend • 38 million Poles live in their homeland, another 12 million are scattered around the World. As more and more people are daily getting access to the Internet these expatriates are becoming ever more accessible

  18. 2008 and Beyond • Finally being able to see the possibility of calculating the point when CCM will reach financial stability, covering direct operating cost. The present estimate is 30 June 2008. • When operational self-financing is achieved, then seeking to expand Radio CCM's FM network into the following major Polish markets: Warsaw, Krakow, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk, Lublin, Szczecin (?)‏ • Adding to the existing FM & Internet network a new explicit Christian “Spoken Word' channel available 24 hours a day and called "Odkryjradio", or, in English "discover – radio". DONE!

  19. Radio CCM Dreams and expansion plans

  20. 2008 and Beyond • Launching an Internet downloading platform giving real time access to thousands of teaching/preaching files. Not only Radio CCM material, but items from the files of many of Poland's leading churches. DONE! • Adding to our outreach structure the Internet interactive program "Looking For God", in partnership with TopC (France) and EO (The Netherlands). This will involve creating a pool of reliable volunteers to follow up enquirers. We have interest from a number of strategic organizations including several of the Catholic revival movements.

  21. 2008 and Beyond • Using all our communications channels to promote and invite people to evangelistic events, small and large. Together with "Looking For God" website this constitutes a major part of our 'harvesting'. • Offering correspondence Bible Study Courses (Why Jesus?) to all those attracted by our various forms of outreach. • Promoting and helping churches using Alpha courses (or Christianity explored) to introduce new converts to fellowships and churches. • The initiation of a "Telephone Prayer Line" to minister to people in need.

  22. Open projects • Operations subsidy (till June 30, 2008)‏ • Internet streaming spoken word channel, ODKRYJ radio • Internet downloading ODKRYJ radio • Looking for God website and follow up work • Correspondence course “Why Jesus?” • Telephone prayer line • Studios rebuilding (now in progress) and equipment upgrade • Comprehensive audience research and study • Growth planning in the light of new technologies and multimedia • Old vehicle replacement • Staff development • Volunteer development & training

  23. Volunteers from Wisla churches

  24. Our structure must stay flexible • To allow effectiveness and transparency in a changing World. • Accurate assessment, based on independent polls, of our progress toward meeting our targets and goals • Whenever possible, to implement without delay any changes that we become aware are needed in our methods, standards and technology • To be aware of, and respond as quickly as possible, to emerging opportunities. To always stay current

  25. Present structure

  26. A wide-ranging, “Holistic” approach to evangelism • Recording studio, Studio DR, Wisla – “preparing, stone clearing” quality music and drama for records and air play; record distribution, • The Radio CCM commercial network is aimed at everyone, including listeners who are indifferent or even hostile to religious matters. The objective is to gain their interest, then rouse their curiosity. This is a start of the “sowing” process

  27. A wide-ranging, “Holistic” approach to evangelism • Special events. The Internet website “Looking for God” Designed to lead enquirers to the point where they are challenged to commit their lives to Christ – “harvesting” • Spoken word channel and downloading, correspondence course, phone prayer line: “watering, discipling” • Correspondence courses, Alpha groups, promoting spiritual growth – discipling, introducing to churches

  28. People behind... DEOrecordings Board

  29. Charles Rogers (USA)‏ Keith Gunn (UK)‏ Peter Bye (UK)‏ David Manney (USA)‏ Ian Mackie (UK)‏ Ralph Hamburger, USA (emeritus)‏ Dan Zimbleman, USA (emeritus)‏ People behind... DEOrecordings Board members • Bishop Zdzislaw Tranda, President • Henryk Krol, CEO • Stefan Szczeponek, secretary • Adam Stepasiuk • Adam Krol • Stanislaw Cieslar

  30. People behind... DEOrecordings Auditing Board • Adam Kleszczynski, chairman • Rob Sieval (Holland)‏ • Anna Cieslar

  31. People behind... NEC Board • Charles Rogers, chairman (picture)‏ • Ralph Hamburger • Allen Weed • Rich Buhler • Kent MacElroy • Peter Torry • Henryk Krol Adviser to the Board: • Phill Butler

  32. George Verwer, (Founder Operation Mobilization, London, Great Britain)‏ Harvey Thomas (President FEB, London, Great Britain)‏ Ian Mackie (President United Christian Broadcasting, Great Britain) Martien Timmer (President 3 x M, Holland) Professor Jerzy Buzek, former Prime Minister of Polish Republic Government, now member of European Parliament, Poland) New Europe Communications Board of Reference • Dr Mike MacIntosh, (Pastor&President Horizon Int, San Diego); • Joni Eareckson-Tada (Joni&Friends, Los Angeles) • Dr Harold Sala, (President Guidelines Int. Los Angeles) • Paul Ramsayer (retired, formerly Northwestern College and SkyLight network leader) • Dr Roger Magnuson, (Pastor and attorney, Minneapolis) • David Johnson, (President HCJB Global, Colorado Springs)

  33. People behind... Radio CCM • Krzysztof Budzisz, Radio CCM CEO and President, • President MCC Group, • A man appointed by God!

  34. Radio CCM Sales Director • Mateusz Kozieł, a great leader and motivator and, himself, a “star performer”. A deeply committed Christian, he has an M.A. (US, masters) in Sales and Marketing Studying in Bible College

  35. Krols...

  36. People involved • Staff – in Wisla, Studio DR – 10 people; • Staff in Gliwice, Radio CCM & MCC – 28 + 7 people • Volunteers – approximately 70 people • Total: 105 people

  37. Finances • Our aim is to be financially independent, self financing all our Christian operations. Studio DR has achieved that 10 years ago, Radio CCM network aims to balance its operating cost with advertising revenue by the end of June 2008 • Strictly evangelistic projects, that do not bring any revenue but do incur cost, must still be financed externally, until the time comes when profits from Radio/studio operations will also cover those costs (2010): • www.odkryjradio.plspoken word channel; • Looking for God Polish evangelistic harvesting tool; • Why Jesus interactive correspondence course • National Telephone prayer line; • Special events organizing, etc.

  38. Women's Breakfast, 2007, 1200 ladies attending...

  39. Staff training session...

  40. Site of the new Radio CCM office in Cieszyn (just one room...)‏

  41. You want to stay informed, monthly? And pray for us? Give us your email address...

  42. We pray to grow as... • Catalysts • Facilitators • Door openers • Strategic networkers • Focused • Bible centered • To allow the Holy Spirit to work through us, to be inclusive, “He should grow, we diminish” And work hard, with Christ- driven passion, like to the Lord...

  43. Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain • II Corinthians 15, 58

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