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Hello 

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  1. Hello I am Greta Kojutyte, I graduated Graziskiu gimnazija. About me: • I was the first president of Graziskiu gimnazija; • I studied Public Communications at VDU; • At the moment I work as an assisstant of the project manager in „Person Premier“ in Vilnius. I organize various events, conferences and seminars.

  2. Howvolunteeringappearedinmylife Already learning at school I always wanted more – not only to be a good student, but also realize my potential in additional activities. Due to this reason I actively participated in various projects, organized events and tried to make our gymnasium even more attractive to a young person. That made me always try to do more.

  3. Theyearofstudies – newpossibilities Alreadyduringthefirstweeksofstudies I realizedthatfor me onlystudies at university are notenough, sincetheremainlytheoreticalknowledgeisgained. I wantedverymuch to create a newsocialcircle, gainpracticalknowledge, establishinternationalrelations, improvemyEnglish, add to solvingsocialproblemsofLithuaniaand just havemeaningfultimeafterlectures. Due to thesereasons I startedsearchingfororganizations, where I couldrealizemypotential.

  4. Organizations, to which I belonged: • In the first course of my studies I actively participated in the activities of agency of VDU, VDU radio, but the longest period – 3 years – was devoted to the organization AIESEC.

  5. MORE ABOUT AIESEC AIESEC is the biggest international organization, managed by the youth, existing even in 124 countries, possessing more than 70 000 members, having implemented more than 26 000 internships. AIESEC VISION: ,,It is every young person’s responsibility to take a positive role shaping the future of our planet.We believe every young person deserves the chance, and tools, to fulfil their potential“. We are able to develop the leadership potential of young people by engaging them early-on with a values-based environment that shapes their behaviours. We enable young people to build a strong foundation of core values as they develop into responsible and entrepreneurial young leaders.

  6. Whythisorganization? • Firstly, it was interesting that intensive selection was performed – even 4 stages; • Official language – English; • That is like international organization, where you can work in different spheres – sales, marketing, projects, personnel, finances, etc. • International and national conferences.

  7. What I didinthisorganization? During the first year I belonged to the team of the social project „If I WERE YOU“. We were 7 in the team, had 14 interns from different countries, such as Mexico, China, America, Poland, Egypt, etc. The aim of the project – promote tolerance, internationality, reduce bullies at school. My responsibilities were: coordinating 2 interns, their integration, organizing events („live library“, cultural evenings, etc.), administrating social networks of the project, the search of sponsors. What these years of volunteering gave to me? First of all, 7 true friends with whom we communicate up till now, international friends, such skills as time management, public speaking, awareness of social networks, sales, project planning and implementation.

  8. TALENT MANAGEMENT • During the second year I was elected to AIESEC Kaunas management – to the position of Talent Management. • My responsibilities were the selection of new members, integration, organizing national/international conferences, creating and coordinating motivational system, creating and coordinating the strategy of human resources, organizing and implementing trainings. • Although it was the most difficult year and I worked in AIESECE even more than I do in my present job, the results were obvious: • During that year our AIESEC was selected to be the best in Lithuania (better than AIESEC ISM, AIESEC VILNIUS, AIESEC KTU); • My personal achievement was the fact that I was awarded to be the best Talent Manager of AIESEC Lithuania.

  9. Whatvolunteeringgave to me? • First of all, global attitude to the world, big sense of responsibility not only for myself, but other people; big social circle, huge experience and skills, best friends and the best time of studies!!! • P. S. At the moment I do job that is more related to the activities of volunteering rather than my studies. • Volunteering enabled me to understand what I really want from my life!!!

  10. BecomeVolunteers – be Leaders!!!