day 7 women of massachusetts bay and new england n.
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Day 7: Women of Massachusetts Bay and New England PowerPoint Presentation
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Day 7: Women of Massachusetts Bay and New England

Day 7: Women of Massachusetts Bay and New England

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Day 7: Women of Massachusetts Bay and New England

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  1. Day 7: Women of Massachusetts Bay and New England Baltimore Polytechnic Institute September 9, 2011 A.P. U.S. History Mr. Green

  2. 1. John Calvin profoundly affected the thought of all of the following except • Spanish Armenians • New England Puritans • Scottish Presbyterians • French Huguenots • The Dutch Reformed Church 2. The historical significance of the Pilgrims of Plymouth Bay lies in their • Numerical size • Economic power • Moral and spiritual qualities • Unique charter, which permitted self-government • Unwillingness to merge with the Puritans in Massachusetts Bay 3. People who flouted the authority of the Puritan clergy in Massachusetts Bay were subject to which of the following punishments • Fines • Floggings • Banishment • Death • All of the above • Settlers of the Connecticut River colony developed a document known as the Fundamental Orders, which • Marked the beginning of the colony of Connecticut • Established a regime democratically controlled by “substantial citizens • Set up a military alliance in New England • Pleased King Charles I • Supported a government controlled by all people 5. New York was a. the best advertised of all the colonies b. Designed as a Quaker refuge c. originally founded by the Dutch d. a major contributor to political democracy and religious tolerance in the English colonies e. the last of the middle colonies to be established.

  3. Women of Massachusetts Bay and New England At the end of this lesson, students will analyze the role of women in Massachusetts Bay and throughout New England

  4. Settling the Northern Colonies Anne Hutchinson antinomianism-a holy life was no sure sign of salvation and that the truly saved need not bother to obey the law of either God or man Roger Williams Separatist Break from Church of England Felt Indians deserved fair compensation Rhode Island-freedom of religion Mary Dyer Hanged for violating a Puritan law prohibiting Quakers in Massachusetts Bay

  5. Anne Hutchinson Roger Williams Describe the impact these 2 individuals had on the Massachusetts Bay Colony and the region in general. Pros and Cons of the Massachusetts Bay on individual citizens.

  6. Reading Read “The Church Trial of Mistress Ann Hibbens” and discuss

  7. Closing/Exit Ticket Identify and explain connections between the Puritans and any event in the recent past (i.e. last ten years”

  8. Homework Read American Pageant Chapter 3 and 4 Read “Visible and Invisible World of Salem” on the bpi site.