remember if you don t understand use these signs n.
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REMEMBER… If you don’t understand, use these signs: PowerPoint Presentation
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REMEMBER… If you don’t understand, use these signs:

REMEMBER… If you don’t understand, use these signs:

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REMEMBER… If you don’t understand, use these signs:

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  1. REMEMBER…If you don’t understand, use these signs:


  3. FOOD and EAT use the same sign.It is not an issue. Don’t worry about it.[You can inflect the sign to show different concepts like “pig out.” ]


  5. Notes:* There are two ways to sign apple: X hand or A hand. I recommend you use the X hand version.* FULL of food and/or fed up with* HUNGRY and WISH use almost the same sign.

  6. APPLE GREEN YOU LIKE EAT?Do you like to eat green apples?

  7. The concept “WHAT-KIND” uses just one sign to express

  8. WHAT-KIND CANDY YOU LIKE?What kind of candy do you like?

  9. WHAT-KIND CEREAL YOU LIKE?What kind of cereal do you like?

  10. YOU LIKE COOKIES (WITH) MILK?Do you like cookies with milk?Note: in ASL the sign “WITH” is not needed for this sentence.

  11. Tomorrow vs DAILY / Every-DAY

  12. HOW-MANY CUP WATER YOU DRINK EVERYDAY?How many cups of water do you drink everyday?

  13. 6. WHAT YOUR FAVORITE FOOD?What is your favorite food?

  14. YOU LIKE GREEN EGG AND H-A-M?Do you like green eggs and ham?

  15. HOW SIGN F-O-R-K?What is the sign for “fork?”Note: The sign fork can use either two or three “prongs.”Note: The sign spoon and soup are nearly the same. Depends on context. Also, for “soup” hold the bowl more carefully

  16. There are two versions of “FULL”Full of food or “fed up.”And “full” in general. “the cup is full.”

  17. YOU FULL?Are you full

  18. The sign “FAVORITE” can be used to mean PREFER. It can also mean “TASTE” if done on the lower lip.Note: the sign EAT and FOOD use the same sign (in most situations)

  19. 10. YOU FAVORIITE-[prefer], HAMBURGER [body-shift-“or”] HOTDOG?Do you prefer hamburgers or hotdogs?

  20. Do the practice sheet. If the first partner gets done, have the second partner sign it. If you both get done, practice fingerspelling and vocabulary. One partner spells a previously learned vocabulary word, the other signs it back.SUGGEESTED PRACTICE WORDS: BLACK, BLUE, BROWN, COLOR, DRAW-[art] , FINISH, FUTURE-[later, will, someday, far in the future] , GREEN, LONG-[how-long] , NOW-[present, current, today], OLD, ORANGE, PAPER-[page, look-up, dictionary] , PAST-[before, previously, long-ago] , RED, TOMORROW-[daily, everyday] , WAIT-[wait-a-minute] , WHEN WHITE-[white-person], YEAR-[annually, last-year, next-year, numerical incorporation],YELLOW (6)If you get done with the practice sheet and the above vocabulary review, inform your teacher.

  21. Practice Sheet 7.b

  22. YOU HUNGRY?Are you hungry?(remember this sign can also mean “wish”)

  23. Sausage-(hotdog) Cheese Pepperoni Chicken-(bird)

  24. WHAT-KIND PIZZA YOU LIKE?What kind of pizza do you like?Note: there are several “right” ways to sign “pizza.”

  25. The sign “IF” has several variations. In this class I use the “suppose (what if)” version

  26. SUPPOSE YOU GO MOVIE, YOU LIKE EAT POPCORN?Do you like to eat popcorn at the movies?

  27. WHAT-KIND SOUP YOU LIKE?What kind of soup do you like?

  28. YOU LIKE RED APPLE?Do you like red apples?

  29. WHAT-KIND COOKIE YOU LIKE?What kind of cookies do you like?